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[Suggestion]More Player Agency with Voice Acted Dialogue

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Note: This is only for Voice Acted Dialogue, since we have similar things with the written one.

Can we have the option to sometimes (does not have to be for every piece of dialogue ofc.) choose the response we give to certain NPCs during story?

The way I envision it is with the Heart (charming), Crown (Noble) and Fist (Ferocious) system.

So when we can choose we would get a special action hotkey promp, which when pressed would open a window (similar to pressing Shift on the mini map) and we would choose our desired response with the mouse < for Heart, ^ for Crown, > for Fist, down for a profession/race specific responce or just pressing the button without moving to remain silent/skip. It does not need to have any impact on the story besides maybe reactions from the other NPCs. It would go along way to improve how we would like to portray our own Commander(charming thief or ruthless necromancer etc).

I imagine that this can also be used during dynamic events in the open world during short 3-5sec. windows at certain times if we would like our toon to make a comment regarding what's happening (especially profession specific responses that can give the player behind the monitor more information).

Naturally I have no idea how hard this would be to implement, probably a lot harder than one would think as most features in games, but wanted to share the idea regardless.

Edit: After thinking about it, the same system can be used to make your character comment on something in the environment or POI when in proximity and since one would have the option to skip/ignore it it won't become annoying on repeat visits.

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