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[NA][PvE]Druid looking for guild


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I've been playing the game since launch with mild breaks here and there and have raided end-game in multiple games. Unfortunately most of those games have gone a direction I no longer enjoy so figured I can direct my raiding time towards GW2 now.

Therefore looking for a guild that consistently raids somewhere within the following times:

Tues-Fri anytime between 6-10pm Central

Sat - anytime

Sun - anytime ending before 10pm

I've got a variety of geared classes but I'm looking to raid as a ranger specifically, preferably healing druid.Appreciate any consideration.

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Hello Shuzuk :) perhaps you would be interested in joining The Phantom Rose [TPR] we're a new PVX guild that's trying to build it's raid group, experienced isn't required as we are not afraid to teach players, but a proper class and gear are required _ ^ If you wanna know more about us please visit our website. https://thephantomrose.weebly.com/

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