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Dismount but still have mount skillbar still happening since pof launch

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This is incredibly annoying, you dismount using griffin 1, you dive into the ground unmounted walking like normal but skillbar has mount 1 stuck on it. Cant attack and if in combat, which almost always is when diving into mobs, you cant dismount ANY way. You have to stand there and take enough damage to auto dismount from damge, which with the new mount health share mastery puts a new evil twist to it resulting in a down state if u hit it. Doesnt happen every time, not even every 10th time but has happened a few times a day every day since getting a griffin shortly after pof launch.

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It's not related to the mount heal skill usage.It's just a bug as old as mounts.Sometimes all mount actions but the no1 attack skill,become unresponsive.You can see the keystroke is registered as the button in the action bar UI playsthe activation animation,but the action is not executed.

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