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Few usefull options.


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1 - remove taget when we click the portrait of ennemy on the screen.When there is a lot of action and have to click fast to escape 3 or 4 ennemies, I click somewhere on the screen to remove target and use a move. But it happens that we click on ennemy portrait and then jump back inside the ennemy blob.

2 - Can we have an option to increse size of ennemy buff only. Because I play on a 34' screren at 3440X1400 and those tiny buff/debuff icons are very very small when I want to keep a "normal" size UI. I don't need to have bigger things for skills and other, but buffs....

3 - Automatically remove the screen of arena's rules when game starts. We don't need to see it again everytime after +10 k matches.

4- And again, is it possible to put some weapon on a special slot for pve and pvp, so that we can play pvp with pvp weapon even when coming from pve world ? It a player does the mistake to sell or remove one of them, then they will just start with no weapon at all.

Thank you.

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