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Glad to see I'm not the only one who still wishes for this qol change. I posted a thread a good while about it with my reasoning so I'll just be lazy and quote it. -w-

@"Moonlit.6421" said:Little Christmas wish of mine/ question I wanted to ask. Are the dev team ever planning to add a way to preview cosmetic auras? There's two primary changes I'd love added to this sector of the game, the first would be being able to preview auras on your character as many of them are worth quite a bit of gold and before shelling out all that money it would be great to see if the look you designed fits in with it, or if its totally off base from what you thought it would be. An example that recently brought this idea back would be the new Snow Diamond Infusion. I like the infusion, and I think it looks rather cool (hehe pun), but the only way for me to see how it looks is by hoping players who do have it post screens. I finally found a video today of how it looked on a pale asura, but i'd love to be able to preview it on different characters and skin tones to see how the effects changed, or be able to see how it would look with a poly-luminescent infusion combined with it, etc. I absolutely love fashion in this game and these are some of the best looking (and most expensive) items cosmetic wise but as much as I'd love to play around with them I often can't justify spending all the time and gold going after one when I can't guarantee I'll like the end result.

The second addition I think could be helpful would be to allow the makeover kit previews, both from the kit itself or the NPC, to register auras as it can have an effect. Bringing it back to the snow diamond infusion i'd love to be able to see how it looks on different skin tones in the makeover kit without actually having to use a kit to change my skin color every time, and would make finding a good combination a lot simpler. Plus if someone didn't want the infusion on there while previewing their character changes they could easily just unequip the item before opening the panel and it would be just as it is now.

I know these changes aren't really important in the grand scheme of things but considering how big of a role fashion plays in this game and all the new auras and effects you've been so kind as to gift us with I know for me personally this is one of my most wanted qol changes in the game which is why I wanted to ask if there were any plans to add this into the game at some point, or if I should just keep on dreaming. TwT

(Also Gaile sorry for tagging you personally I was trying to use the Anet tag for the question but I think I was doing something wrong as it wouldn't come up for me. ;w;")@Gaile Gray.6029

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