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You can make the leveling a better experience

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...by improving the leveling rewards. Not add new things, just change the old ones.

A smoother character progression will mean more people might feel motivated to do "one more heart" for the reward. They will level more characters, buy char/bank slots and cosmetics = you make money.

Everyone levels with strong/mighty/berserker gear and most of the hearts don't offer that. In fact, 90% of the gear from hearts is crap. Currently the only reason to do the them is to unlock a few skins you can easily go without. Why not make those crap pieces with berserker stats instead so you actually feel at least mildly excited for finishing that boring heart? The majority of the good stuff is from story every 10 levels....

You get exotics for leveling up. Suppose it is to motivate you to play more? Oh, it is carrion gear...Can sell it, though? Nope. Salvage? Nope. Oh, well, just destroy it. Another useless clutter in the bags which serves no purpose.

Leveling rewards are already there. Why not make them actually desirable by swapping a few bad stats?

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