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  1. Recently watched a video by a guy who likes to eat potatoes made out of wood. This guy mentioned how he would prefer to have p2win mechanics in the gem store rather than cosmetics. He was insane, of course, but that doesn't matter. Point is, seems that a lot of people thought that the gem store undermines their in-game cosmetics and wanted to have the option to unlock said items after some delay in-game. Personally, I think the gem store is absolutely fine the way it is(except mount skins), but it led me to think what I want. You know what I want? I want the option to reliably unlo
  2. Ah, here we come again with the mount skins. I already made a post some time ago how poorly the mount skins were handled, but this time Anet did a whoopsie that will hurt their pocket, not mine. Warclaw Frontline Mount Pack. Five skins. For the same mount. 2000 gems. Why? Who in their right mind would buy five skins for the same mount? Give me the option to get one at a reasonable price and you will have a customer. Sell me the one I want + four others and no sale for you. It's not a rant, really, but the one who chose to sell these skins in that particular way should
  3. If they make staff/scepter viable options baseline, I won't complain about hammer. Not gonna like it. Not gonna use it. But I won't complain about it.
  4. Shields are fine. They are a defensive tool and grant defensive options. You are not supposed to slaughter tons of enemies by throwing a Captain America shield or something, there are weapons for that. I like shield on Chrono and really like it on Guardian, since I can protect allies close by from missiles. Works as intended.
  5. Thank you, sir. That was very informative and answered all I wanted to know.
  6. I made a celestial firebrand to farm WvW and it is effective, no question about that. My main problem is that it is exclusively melee, so in order to do anything meaningful, I have to risk my hide. All I want is to be able to stay in the back, spam a few abilities at range while my WvW boosters are up, and not be a deadweight. I looked at a few topics, a few metabattle builds, and I remain unsure if it is possible to be in a zerg as a ranged weapon user and still be able to contribute. The two main options seem to be power scourge and hammer revenant. Everything else is either mel
  7. Seems that I was mistaken. After a bit of searching I found what I was looking for and it turned out to be an Acolyte of Dwayna outfit with bloodstone fen backpack. Such a disappointment. If someone deletes the topic it would be for the best.
  8. I remember looking at a collection of pictures, where people were showing off their characters. One of those characters had a distinct look that appeared to resemble Inquisitor Whitemane from WoW. https://wowwiki-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Sally_Whitemane?file=Sally_Whitemane5.jpg It was a cool idea which I recently wanted to recreate. Sadly, I cannot find the picture and even If I did, I will have no way of knowing what gear was used. It is clear that the White Mantle is a rip-off of the Scarlet Crusade, so their gear is the most obvious choice. The Bloodstone Savant's Staff fro
  9. I speak about jumping puzzles, especially particularly annoying ones like Chalice of Tears. Do you tip when you get ported to the end of a daily JP and if so, how much? Just when do you tip people in general and what is the acceptable amount?
  10. Eh, getting ascended back is not that easy. Sure, you can farm for one, but if you do so, better go for a stat you can use in content where ascended is required, not for open world. Anyway, thanks.
  11. So, I watched an already outdated video by this guy. And followed the build he linked. http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PKzAEdflZwOYYMKWJOSPrvcA-zRgYRUTEogAtgauQ7JVGZmCRUBmcKER65Q9wBjWkf0C-e The linked build has a Captain's backpack. I'm not sure if the author put Captain by mistake instead of Cavalier, but I wonder where to get Captain? Stat selectable exotic backpacks, including the ones from the lunar new year simply don't have it?
  12. In a game where fashion is so important, a game where searching for cosmetics is major part of the end goals, buying an outfit is just a shame. Outfits are cool looking, but they show serious lack of imagination from those wearing them, for instead of trying to create a unique look, they use what someone else made with nothing to add from themselves.
  13. Would you give it a chance? Because as it stands now I see zero reason to play that thing unless they nerf weaver, which fills the same role, but far better. I also want the F5 to combine the different elemental orbs and once all four are attuned, to release them for a big burst of damage not unlike a Bladesworn. That would make it fun for me.
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