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[Suggestion] - Small suggestions for Mounts :)


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Hello, i have some small suggestions for the mount, and I wanted to share them with you, with the hope of being able to give, maybe, some good idea to the developers :)

  • I think the names of the current mounts are too selective for the skins you could create. (springer and skimmer are generic, so they allow you to have skins that are not rabbits or manta rays, but griffin is too selective, is difficult to have different skin from a griffin but that is called griffin, as it is difficult for example to have a moa as skin for the raptor)
  • It would be nice to have cross-expansion mastery as for example the ability to allow the griffin to use updraft and leyline in hot map. In this way it will be possible to have new skills also in view of future expansions. I understand that the expansions are independent, but adding the possibility of using old mastery for new content would push the user more to buy old expansions (for example being able to have the ability to go underwater with the skimmer if one day we will have many underwater contents or underwater mounts)
  • I really like the new licensing system for mounts and at the same time choose a specification at a higher price. But I hope one day, we can get skin (maybe simple, nothing elaborate) even with in-game activities (a bit like legendary weapons, legendary glider / backpack) using crafting, journey, collection, achievement reward, rare drop and so on.
  • I really appreciated the branded skins and the exalted griffin skin. I hope to see (and buy) even skins related to other "factions". Such as mechanical skins / stempunk / dieselpunk for aetherblade or charr and other "cultural" skins for other races.
  • I noticed that all the skins are not very different from the original model, in fact now many skins are barely distinguished from each other. I struggled a lot to find the differences between different skins (especially for raptors). They often looked the same model but with different textures. I hope we will have a wider variety of models, so you can really have unique and different mounts between the various players. In fact I have much appreciated skins such as: Resplendent Avialan raptor skin, Summit Wildhorn Springer Skin,Oceanic Broadtail and umbral demon skimmer skins, Reforged Warhound jackal skin and Grand Lion Griffon Skin.

I always remain confident to be able to see/buy/have many many skins, and maybe even new mount types (such as aquatic mounts, mounts that allow you to carry other players, etc.)

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