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  1. It also worked for me on stuff *I* crafted on the character who's using it, yesterday (2 March) in the evening French time (CET == UTC+1).
  2. Um. No. That won't secure the account if your friend's email account is also compromised. Your friend must fully secure both accounts, and probably also add 2FA on both of them.
  3. Support sent me a new one, and I'm somewhat embarrassed to have to admit that the original one was in my bank... (Grey text saying "1 in bank" on the tooltip for the new one was a big clue...) EDIT: So if it isn't in your inventory, check your bank. And your other characters.
  4. As in title, I bought (way back almost as soon as it was made available) the Ultimate edition of EoD directly from the GW2 website. I got the: * Raptor skin * Character slot * Shared inventory slot * Level 80 boost But not the Shing Jea Dragon Boat Skiff Skin. The code in the email is "already applied to your account", so it's not that.
  5. DX11 breaks the appearance of Chaos Gloves. This is DX11: https://i.imgur.com/sJFb6MY.jpg This is DX9 of the same character, although in the character select screen: https://i.imgur.com/TjrVVFT.jpg EDIT: System: i9 10980XE, RTX2080Ti, NVidia drivers 472.12, the very latest
  6. I had to look that up. And no, I don't have one (for the audience, it's a certification in project management). I'm a developer, not a project manager.
  7. At the end of each month, put a ten dollar(1) bill in a jar. The jar is there, in part, for emergencies, but once there's enough excess in there above a minimum amount of "safety cushion", what's left can be used for other things. Leave that excess to accumulate for a little more than four years, and you can spend $500 on a new computer. If you can't afford to feed a ten-spot to the jar each month, you probably need to cut back on something else, and shouldn't be worrying about videogames. And how many of the people in that situation are actually spending money on GW2? (No, I don't mean
  8. I don't work in the games industry, but my job is, indeed, developer, and has been for more than thirty years. I have (lots of) colleagues who are younger than my career. Granted, I would never actually say those specific words, mostly because they aren't, as such, true, especially without further qualification. What game companies don't publish (because for most of the audience, it would be 137% gibberish(1)) is a detailed analysis of why this or that feature is too expensive or too risky or whatever (mostly all three) to implement, so the audience tends to assume that they mean
  9. What part of "ten years ago I bought a behind-the-curve machine" makes you think I meant anything remotely similar to "keep up with every system that is made"? After that, it was seven years before I bought another. And I didn't mention Macintoshes because they *are* a different case, not applicable to my comments about XP and 32-bit.
  10. Are you seriously asking people how they'd feel if they still had a 32-bit only machine in 2021? Or if they were still running XP? Hint: ten years ago, I bought a behind-the-curve machine - it was 64-bit and ran Windows 7. Windows 7 went end-of-life two years ago. Let. Go. Of. Windows. XP.
  11. Well kitten me, looks like that's the answer. Lame. Well. Maybe not. The actual page for making the purchase lists what looks like every country on the planet except the one I live in. It's a small one that I guess nobody's ever heard of, called "France". Dooooooodz!!!!! Do you want my money or not?
  12. I did that. I got a page about EoD, with a Prepurchase Now button. I clicked that and got another page about EoD with a Prepurchase Now link. I clicked *that* and got a page to buy Path of Fire. I went back, cleared the cache, and tried again. This time around, I got a page to buy Path of Fire instead of a page to buy Path of Fire.
  13. That rings a bell, vaguely, linked to the change in dungeon boss fights way far back when, to obstruct what they called "rez rushing".
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