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  1. That rings a bell, vaguely, linked to the change in dungeon boss fights way far back when, to obstruct what they called "rez rushing".
  2. Um. No. 1730 inches is 144 feet, which is more like 44 metres. (Your decimal place is incorrect.)
  3. You've completely misunderstood what people are unhappy about concerning repairs. What people don't like is that (now that it's free) it even exists.(1) The push-back you're getting in this thread is because you are suggesting that ArenaNet spend development resources making it more intricate and annoying, especially for characters who don't have the relevant crafting profession. (No, trading won't work, since your character cannot even carry an item that's Soulbound to another character, even another one of your own.) (1) I'd love to get rid of it, so long as I can trade my Endless Repair
  4. The others have described what to do, but (dontcha love that but?)... As implied by @"Sylvyn.4750" above, map load times will be much slower on HDD than on SSD. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it, but you should expect to have much longer map-load times and a few visual oddities about maps being only partly loaded when you load in and then filling in over a short time afterwards, with player models being "generic human" (or Norn / Sylvari / Charr / Asura) for a while as well. And possibly the "my mount is in the floor for a while until it loads properly" thing which plagued us a while ba
  5. And there's a bunch of others that, like Trailblazer for Petey, are on fire. Curiously, nobody has ever commented to my weavers that their Dragocopters are on fire.
  6. Indeed. And then you simply delete the parts you don't want to include, as I did when I answered your question.
  7. Under the person's post, there's a big double quote mark and the word "Quote". Click that.
  8. Perhaps "for no adequately explained reason", but there was a reason, and it wasn't just "because we want to spite you". Example: Race change in GW2 is a major problem, just like sex change is in SWTOR (but sex change is no problem in GW2, while species change is no problem in SWTOR), and in both cases, it's because the character's unchangeable characteristic is baked into the flow of the story somewhere. Yes, race change could be restricted to characters who've finished the Personal Story (where most of the pain is), but there's still room for oddities even then (what exactly should the My S
  9. It's usually down to those games playing fast and loose with the rules of Windows programming in some way (especially in exclusive full-screen mode(1)), and more recent versions of Windows have become progressively more strict and pedantic about them. Good news, through. Ziggurat has been buying up the rights to publish older games with (as far as possible) fixes to allow them to work on modern versions of Windows (especially Win10). Fans of Bloodrayne from back in the day will be pleased to hear that the "Terminal Cut" version that was recently released by Ziggurat runs just fine on a total
  10. My most-trained character, created on Early Start Launch Day, has all current Guardian specialisations trained, including Dragonhunter and Firebrand, and she still has 270 unspent hero points. EDIT: and the maps say that she could train another 130 points if I wanted to bother.
  11. More to the point, there's numerous places where you can be inside the map, not under the map, and without meaning it end up inside an object. Examples that I've done, mostly because of my penchant for exploring really high places, especially with the Dragocopter. It's fun flying over the top of a waypoint or PoI or HP somewhere, and seeing that it's directly below me but 15000 game units away, somewhat more than twelve hundred feet. But sometimes you end up inside rocks, e.g. in the Vigil fortress below the Captain's Airship. You can use Mr Buns or the Dragocopter to get on top of the airs
  12. For a while a couple of years ago, I had problems running it on my newest PC, since it was maxing out north of 500 FPS, and moving my character around was actually glitching out. Turning on v-sync solved that. Since then I've updated the PC to 3840x2160 screens and an RTX 2080Ti, and I'm disappointed to find that GW1 can "only" manage 400 FPS. (But it runs fine without the glitchy stuff it had before.)
  13. You appear to have deliberately omitted the best of them:Vabbian Necro Female.
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