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[Elite suggestion] Weapon mage


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Nowadays, we see strange suggestions of elite specialization, so here is my shot on it:

Name : Weapon mageLore: Ritualists from Cantha once knew how to imbue weapon with powerful magic and energy. Most of their knowledge had been lost but Tyrian Mages recovered what was left. By combining with their own art, they made extraordinary improvements in enchantment spells. But the art only reached its top after it was mastered by those who could make the most of it: the fighters. Those who chose to study it turned it into an instinctive, powerful form of magic that matched perfectly their needs and takes benefits from the particular links those fighters had with their weapon.

Principle : DPS-oriented specialization wich is pretty good at ignoring debuff and adversaries' protection. Also possesses a support component with some traits.

Profession Mechanic : Call of weapons: The weapon mage gain access to special slot in the equipment panel that can be filled with a main-hand or two handed weapon. He can use the burst skill "Call of weapons" (F2): wield your extra weapon for 10s and gain quickness(4s). Recharge weapon snap for nearby allies (radius: 180). Snaping weapon cancels the effect.Adrenaline cost: 10. Cooldown: 25s. Cast: instantNotes: it is considered a weapon snap for traits, sigils, ect,... if the warrior takes a main hand weapon, he keeps his current off-hand weapon if he has one, or the one of his other set if there is one.

New weapon: staff: a brillant weapon when correctly wielded, whose magic potential advantages the weapon mage's incantation. Offers a good set of defensive and offensive skills. All attaks have a range of 180.

  • Burst: Deadly point: Charge your foe (range 900), ignoring movement impeding conditions and impale him. Leap finisher.Damage increase with the level of adrenaline (2.0 , 2.5 , 3.0)
  • 1 Staff thrust: hit your foe with the point of the staff. (cast 1/2, damage 0.8)Staff swing: hit your foe with a swing of the the staff. (cast 1/2, damage 0.8)Staff strike: bash your foe with a powerful blow from above, ganting you fury (3s). (cast 1/2, damage 1.1)the whole sequence takes 2.2s. All attaks cleave.
  • 2 Guard breaker: unblockable staff strike (damage 0.7). Remove stability and aegis. Inflict vulnerability instead (5 stacks, 8s) for each of these boon not on the target.(cast 3/4, cooldown 8s). 2 targets.
  • 3 Mace staff: Strike your ennemy one the head, stunning them (1s). (cast: 3/4, cooldown 12s). 1 target
  • 4 Slashing tornado: Rush continually toward your foe (similar to tsunami rush) and deliver a succession of slashing strikes (damage 5.0 (x10)). Cast: 2+1/2 s. Cooldown: 15s.) range: 450. Whirl finisher
  • 5 Staff stance: Block incoming attacks for 2s. Gain retaliation(5s) at the end of the stance. (Cast 2, Cooldown 20s)

New skills: weapon spell: Those utility grant special effects to the player. Only one weapon spell can be active at a time. Once activated, a weapon spell skill can become a new skill depending on the weapon wielded.

  • healing skill: resilient weapon: 12s. Heal (1400) and gives endurance (10) every two seconds. Allied version: 500 heal and 5 endurance every two seconds.cast 1/2, cooldown 30s.if sword: avenging blade: slash your foe two times, stealing life and transfering a condition with each strike.Damage per strike: 0.6. Stealing per strike: 0.6. Healing per strike: 1000. cast 1/2, cooldown 12sif greatsword or spear: vital blade: Strike foes in front of you (1.2). You gain a barrier proportionnal to the number of power stacks you have (250 per stacks). cast 1/2, cooldown 12s
  • utility 1: splinter weapon: 12s. Your attacks deal damage to your target and foes surrounding it (radius 180, 5 target max). Damage: 0.3 . Allied version: Damage 0.15. cast 1/2, cooldown 45s.if longbow: furious volley: Taunt your target (3/2s) and shot a volley of six arrows to him. (damage 2.1, range 1200). The blast of splinter weapon inflicts burning (2s).cast 3/2 s , cooldown 12sif axe: spinning axe: Throw an axe that bounce up to three foes before returning to you (range 900, damage 0.8). Pull the ennemies within the range threshold (450). Grant swiftness (5s). cast 1/2, cooldown 12s

  • utility 2: merciless weapon: Your attacks corrupts boons into vulnerability (5 stacks for 8s). Conditions durations and disabling effects duration are increased against boonless foes (+20%). 3s of interval. allied version: 4s of interval, +10% duration. cast 1/2, cooldown 45s.if rifle or harpoon gun: fatal shot: inflict fear to your target (2s) then fire a deadly shot that poison him (8s). Damage and stacks of poison increase with range (0-300/300-600/600-900/900-1200). Damage: 1.0/1.4/1.8/2.2, poison: 2/3/4/5. cast 1+1/4s, cooldown 12sif mace: ensured breaking: Charge your foe (range 900), immobilize him when close enough (300) and strike him (damage 1.8). Destroy the totality of a barrier. cooldown 12s

  • *utility 3: unyielding weapon: 12s. You are immune to weakness, blind, fear and slow. allied version: immune to weakness and blind. cast 1/2, cooldown 60s.if staff: control pain: Break out of stun and gain 50% condition damage reduction(8s). Gain power (2 stacks, 8s) when you lose an alteration.cast instant, cooldown 12sif shield: cautious move: Raise your shield to defend yorselves for 8s. When you're disabled while casting a skill, the effect is canceld, you strike your foe with your shield (cast 1/2, damage 1.0), the cooldown of your skill is reset and you immediatly begin to recast it. The effect is canceled if you no longer wield a shield. cast instant, cooldown 12s

  • utility 4: warmonger weapon: 12s. Your attacks daze foes (1/2s, interval: 3s). Grant you power (3 stacks, 6s) when you interrupt a foe. allied version: interval 6s cast 1/2, cooldown 60s.if hammer: quick metal: Strike your foe several times with a surprisingly light hammer, inflicting daze (1/2s) with each strike. (damage: 2.5 (x5))cast 2+1/2s, cooldown 12sif warhorn: storm of war: Invoke a zone of instable climate on your position (radius 300). Inflict damage to foes inside and chills them(1s). (Damage: 3.2 (x8)). Grant stealth (3s) to allies present in the zone when activated. Projectiles entering the area are destroyed. Ice field combo. cast 1s, cooldown 12s

  • elite skill: armor spell: 12s. Grant you alacrity (2s) and retaliation(2s) every two seconds. Your boons cannot be removed, stolen or corrupted. Allied version: 1s of alacrity and retaliation every 2s. cast 1s, cooldown 120s.gear suprematy: launch your foe then deliver a finishing blow according to your main weapon, dealing massive damage (4.0, range 600). You are invulnerable while casting. Downed ennemies are automatically killed. cast 3s, cooldown 15s

Traits: Minor traits increase damage. Line 1 provide defense. Line 2 is focused on weapon spell and support. Lin 3 is for call of weapons and boons.

  • minor proficiency: staff proficiency you can wield staffs

  • minor adept: enhanced weapon: you cain access to weapon spells and call of weapons

  • major adept 1: weapon of shadow: your attacks inflict blind (4s) (cooldown 10s)

  • major adept 2: weapon of renewal: weapon spell grant regeneration(5s) and adrenaline(5) when granted.

  • major adept 3: weapon blessing: convert 7% of your power into concentration

  • minor master: weapon link: you gain a stack of weapon link every second for 12s while affected by a weapon spell or call of weapons. Each stack increase by 1% your outgoing damage and critical hit chance. 10 stack max.

  • major master 1: weapon of agression: increase your attack speed by 15% while affected by a weapon spell or call of weapons. Staff skills cooldown is reduced by 20%.

  • major master 2: gift of weapons: when you activate a weapon spell, also affects nearby allies (radius 240) with lesser effects.

  • major master 3: guided weapon: after snaping weapons or activating call of weapons, your attacks cannot be blocked or dodged for 3s. (cooldown: 9s).

  • minor grandmaster: weapons master: while affected by a weapon spell or call of weapons, you gain bonus stats depending on weapons wielded (cumulable): sword +120 condition damage, axe +120 précision, mace +120 power, greatsword/spear +240 ferocity, hammer +120 power and +120 ferocity, longbow +120 condition damage and +120 expertise, rifle/harpoon gun +120 power and +120 précision, staff +120 power and +120 concentration, shield +120 toughness, warhorn +120 concentration

  • major grandmaster 1: vengeful weapon: when struck below 50% health, you break out of stun and gain a charge or revenge for 10s, allowing you to steal life with your next successful attack, depending on how much life you have lost. Damage: 15% missing life, Heal: 25% missing life. Cooldown: 45s.

  • major grandmaster 2: Reinforced weapons: you can be affected by two weapon spells at a time. Weapon spell bonus skills recharge 33% faster.

  • major grandmaster 3: Weapon of warding: activating call of weapons grant you 10 adrenaline and boons (protection, resistance and 3 charges of stability for 4s).

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