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  1. Pretty much. Very noticeable with content focused around human enemies as (mini) bosses often tower over Norns, too. See for example the utterly gigantic Bandit Executioner open world boss.
  2. Easy. Tier 3 heavy cultural. Sadly, the only good fit on Charr is the stuff specifically designed for them IMHO.
  3. Maybe read up on what the promotion entails? And the thread here has lots of details. The codes can be awarded globally. Only the sweepstakes is US only, most likely due to the usual legal stuff surrounding competitions. Still doesn’t make me able to buy a cuppa from them.
  4. I’m Swedish and I have no idea what “Kung Fu Tea” is. I guess non-US players are utterly kitten?
  5. I not-so-secretly wish that Warrior and Engineer switched Rifles. The ability to use their rocket jump into melee seems so much fun, and very Warrior-ish. :lol:
  6. As a Warrior main, I both love and hate Fast Hands and Warrior’s Sprint. They’re both amazing traits which is obviously good, but it also makes Discipline a traitline that no Warrior can do without due to how essential these two traits are for the very basic, core function of the class. I wish Fast Hands was just built in as a passive bonus to the class by default. It should.
  7. Berserker. It is just god awful in comparison to Core and Spellbreaker.
  8. I dunno. The size difference there is even more extreme than the difference between human and norn. At least a human comes up to a norn's chest (with the in-game scaling, anyway); under the same scaling, a norn is, at best, stomach-high on a jotun. ... it is not about “size difference”.
  9. Ironically a Norn would have a higher chance to be able to breed with Asura and Charr than humans due to the latter not being native to the planet. Space aliens. I mean, they can’t with Asura or Charr either but it is even more certain that they can’t with humans. If that makes any sense. More disturbing though, Norns could very well be able to breed with Jotun if the legend about their common heritage ends up being true. I guess that in their current degenerate state Jotun might have their genetics ruined to the point where it is no longer possible, but pre-Fall Jotun and Norn might’ve been
  10. You can “Flag” your own post and select the “Other” option/reason and kindly ask for it to be deleted.
  11. @Konig Des Todes.2086 Actually the notion that Norn view humans as children could be true, but not in the way you’d think. Lore-wise humans are frail and fragile in comparison Norns so they would indeed have to handle them with “kiddy gloves on” so to speak. It is like in Star Trek where Worf, who is a Klingon (which likewise are way stronger than humans) having grown up amongst humans doesn’t allow himself to enter a relationship with another crew member because as a kid he accidentally killed another kid with a tackle during a sports game. So while I don’t agree that such relationships woul
  12. Sorry, but I don’t see the issue. If you want to basically handicap one of your weapon sets (as there are plenty faaaar better options, especially in PvP) for this, go for it. Personally I would never do it because the aforementioned self-imposed handicapping.
  13. And yet proven just as often that it works. There are exceptions, because the reward-balance is off. But overall it works. Do you think people do Domain of Istan advanacement because they enjoy it themselves? O.o No. It has never proven to work for this particular meta. Never will.
  14. That would probably be a political scandal regardless as people know they pine for one-another. Or at least, that’s probably what they fear might happen in any case.
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