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*LS3 SPOILERS* The Last Chance Story Step Framerate Issues

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I'm curious if anyone else is having this issue during "The Last Chance" story. It's a little old now but it's the last story step in One Path Ends, the final Season 3 story. Regardless, spoiler alert following.

I've already submitted the bug report in game but just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

So, I've been playing with no issues at all in the game but once I reached the last room of the The Last Chance story step where you actually spawn Lazarus, my frames tanked to 10 fps. Has anyone else had this issue? When the story released, I has no issues completing it and nothing noticeable. I'm just redoing it today to finish up some achievements. Oddly enough, it only happens when I look at the pentagram on the floor. If I turn away from the room and look out of the door at the rest of the instance, it's fine again. For fun, I spawned Lazarus and it got even worse, ended up between 3 and 6 fps. Yikes. It's completely unplayable for me :( Fortunately it's only 1 achievement I need there.

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I'll give that a shot, thanks! I'll edit this once I get there again

Edit: Alright, so I tried this fight again twice. Once again with my normal settings after a restart just to see if there was something strange going on with my computer or game and again with the settings lowered. Here is the information:

Normal play settings: Animations high, Antialiasing none, Environment high, LOD Distance ultra, Reflections terrain and sky, Textures high, Render Sampling native, Shadows medium, Shaders high, Postprocessing none, Char Model Limit low, Char Model Quality highest, Best Texture Filtering, Effect LOD, High-Res Character Textures.FPS Normal (loading screens): 53FPS In-World: 26FPS in the final room: 10FPS with Lazarus spawned: 4

Lowest Settings: Animations low, Antialiasing none, Environment low, LOD Distance low, Reflections none, Textures low, Render Sampling subsample, Shadows low, Shaders low, Postprocessing none, Char Model Limit lowest, Char Model Quality low, Effect LOD.FPS Normal: 61FPS In-World: 31FPS in the final room: 12FPS with Lazarus spawned: 6

So yeah, although I get a significantly high FPS with the lowest settings, it really had no effect on that final room at all. It also got a bit worse as I let the fight go on for a bit but I was getting a little tired of staring at the screen after all of those tries, I'm sure you can imagine. Again, I don't have this issue anywhere else in the game or with any other stories that I have seen so far but it's been a while since I have done LS 2 or 3 so something else may have changed.

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