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Game Accounts Suspended – April 12, 2018

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Today, ArenaNet suspended 1583 accounts involved in the use of illicit third-party software. While we regret the necessity of suspending accounts, we intend to do our best to ensure that everyone is on a level playing field and these programs—which go against the Guild Wars 2 User Agreement and our Rules of Conduct—allowed the players to gain undeserved and unintended advantages.

The accounts in question will remain suspended for at least six months, and in the case of this investigation, we will not be accepting appeals about these account suspensions.

In addition to putting your game account at risk, using illicit third-party software on your machine may subject you to security risks such as malware or viruses. If you have installed any of these programs on your computer, please remove them.

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Yesterday we suspended 1,583 accounts for a period of 6 months. 1516 accounts were suspended because we detected that the accounts were running Guild Wars 2 at the same time as one or more of the following programs over a significant number of hours during a multi-week period earlier this year. We targeted programs that allow players to cheat and gain unfair gameplay advantages, even if those programs have other, more benign uses.

Programs Detected:

  • CheatEngine
  • Nabster
  • GW2MHRexe
  • UNF

The remaining 67 accounts also received suspensions for a period of six months because they were directly associated to one of the 1516 accounts and also had one or more previous suspensions related to botting or hacking; those suspensions will be reversed.

Any program not listed above that was also in use by an account which was suspended is coincidental and had no bearing in our decision to suspend the account.

If you have questions related to the reasons for the suspension of your own account, please contact Customer Support for additional information.

We understand that your Guild Wars 2 accounts are important to you and we take that trust very seriously. Our goal is to continue to foster a safe and fair community for all. We believe that everyone deserves transparency, which is why we're providing this additional information.

Edit: This message was shared on our French, German, and Spanish forums on 16 April 2018, after localization was complete.)

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