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Musical Instruments Deny Weapon Swap

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--I have only seen this when playing an elite spec and using the elite spec weapon as one of my equipped weaponsets - Daredevil w/Staff and Deadeye w/Rifle--

After using a musical instrument and then exiting it with (~) while in an elite spec - and having that elite spec's weapon equipped (either active or secondary when activating the instrument, does not matter) - I cannot swap weapons unless I unequip a weapon and re-equip it (or another), or die/load maps.

Scenario:-I am a Deadeye, I have my Sword/Pistol set out, and my Rifle as my secondary, currently ready to swap if need be.-I activate my harp via double-click, then play the harp for a bit-I no longer want to use my harp so I press ~ (weapon swap) to unequip the harp-My Sword/Pistol are now equipped again, as they were before I activated the harp-Weapon swap is no longer available. The icon on the UI is grayed out (as if there is no weaponset to swap to.)-Both weaponsets are still equipped in the character equipment screen.-I unequip my Rifle, then re-equip it-Weapon swap is now available again, no longer grayed out on the UI but now yellow as normalEnd Scenario.

This happens every time, at least as Deadeye w/Rifle. I have noticed it happen with Staff as Daredevil as well, but I don't play that as often anymore. This did not happen before PoF. If someone else can please test and see if this happens to them that would be appreciated. It may be a client-side issue. But it feels game-breaking when I play some music in WvW, then see an enemy (or get interrupted by one, forcing me out of my instrument), only to not be able to swap weapons in the ensuing combat.

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