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Magi vs Marshal stats for healing ele in raids/pve


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Mornin all!

I know that this topic was brought up in another thread but it got derailed to WVW and I am wondering on this for raiding/pve. My question is this:

Is there any practical reason a healing ele could not be just as effective in marshal's armor as in magi's if not more so?

I know magi's is "meta" but I feel that with the lesser support options that the ele brings over druid, and that arcane affords faster attunement swaps and the fact that the water trait line "softens the blow" on leaving water by offering regen and heals when attuning back to water, marshal's seems to facilitate more versatility in what a healing ele brings to the group.

Aside from the lower health due to the lack of vitality from magi's, I can't see why one would not run marshal's, but before I spend tokens on an ascended set, I thought I would poll the audience and make sure I am not missing something.


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Simply because heal ele doesnt do any damage in pve scenario. It camps water staff and spams skills of cd with occasional attunement swap for cc/boons/blasts. Any other weapon provides much less heals meaning that druid is far ahead of those, and staff has no condi potential whatsoever.

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