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  1. I like the suggestions but there's something missing : extra condi damage/duration % against bleeding targets, a little more against crippled and a lot more against immobilized (this could even push it into master instead of adept column). There's already 2 defensive adept traits so this one needs to be focused on offense, but instead of power damage it should focus on condi.
  2. It never granted fury. It was always grant 3 might + copy all might/fury to allies.
  3. You can achieve better damage and durability with a condi build using dire/trailblazer gear though.
  4. 25 minutes is way too long for a build tutorial that you're supposed to practice for that long to be effective with it. I never understood what people found confusing about rotations. You use the highest damage skills when your dps buffs from traits align and you fill the rest with low cd damaging skills and auto chains. Every build ever, some just have more skills than others. Not much to understand, just reading skills and traits should be clear enough, the rest comes from practice (which is usually shorter than this vid).
  5. Where would you even use it? Dps and support builds already have trait for their role. The only situation I can think of is some roaming tempest which is already worse than a weaver and even then you have a heal that cleanses all you need. I do find it useful for some fractal mechanics like levers and similar which immobilize you, but it's a pretty situational trait. Waiting less for an overload is much better. You barely even need cleanses in pve.
  6. New attunement would still have less skills available than weaver.
  7. I'm doing the same ever since I swapped from a laptop to a regular keyboard on pc (F skills are much easier to reach on a laptop). I do have to mention that first few days caused me some issues because I'd press alt+F keys occasionally and we all know what that could lead to.
  8. I think that increasing chill effectiveness wouldnt be used at all since you'd always want a supportive option on support and dps tempest can just take whatever he or the group is missing in terms of sustain (also 0.5 sec chill per vuln is extremely high). The only place I can see it is in cancer pvp builds. A better option would be to add some damage procs against chilled targets (+ trigger chill against targets with 20+ vuln stacks with some icd), or chilling enemies applies frostbite with a fixed max duration which does damage over time and cant be removed. Stability on aura is
  9. Cantrips used to be good because that's the only thing ele could actually use for defense. They havent been updated in ages and the only attempt to make them relevant was cleansing fire "buff" which is still worthless due to high cooldown. From pvp/wvw perspective: glyps offer nothing (GoEP and revival got improved over time though), signets were mostly useless (air got improved over the years, water/fire are ok-ish and used in cheesy builds from what I see), conjureds offer nothing (shield got improved over the years, fgs was practically the only elite skill that ele could use for
  10. why would i do that?how are you getting stand your ground or dolyak stance on elementalist? those classes don't also have access 20 weapon skills, or some of the strongest trait lines in the game (guardian questionable) directly comparing a class skill to another class' skill is not how you address an issue also, my stack+duration point was not specific to armor of earth itself, more like a side jab at how it's just poorly designed to ramp up complete boon rips while making something not have a use (the extra stacks) outside of adding boon duration, while simultaneously making boon duration
  11. When you look at the stand your ground and dolyak stance you'll see that the skills have same purpose, are much stronger and have nearly half the cooldown (outside of pvp).
  12. Ranged weapon wont really help on weaver considering that both ranged options are much worse than the melee ones. Tempest already uses a ranged weapon in both power and condi builds so dagger would just be some extra dmg.
  13. oh you mean the gank squad you run with doesnt help you out? Now you want more? This is why wvw is such a mess. cuz of players like you Necro in a gank squad lmao. The only thing it can gank are NPCs
  14. It's not as simple as that. It depends on the build your enemy is using and his skill. He could have 3k armor and you'd still be able to kill him in 3 seconds if he's not paying attention. It could also be a glass cannon ele which can dodge your burst and oneshot you back. Dont do the math, do the game. Practice makes it perfect.
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