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Control/Tank GH build


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Not sure which game mode you're looking for but a Hammer & Sword/Shield Spellbreaker could make for a decent CC + Tanky bruiser.

Scrapper would bring less CC compared to a Warrior. But it depends on what you're doing and what flavor you're going for.

I would say for a Warrior go all in on the CC because you can without sacrificing too much, and for Scrapper it would be best to focus on team Support (since the patch). Hammer Scrapper and Warrior have both treated me well in WvW solo/small group roaming.

Guardian is also an option but I don't really have any experience playing Hammer Guardian.

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After reading through some stuff a Berserker has good complementary skills ( Traits, Utility skills) in the way I want to play but the scrapper's has weapon skills that interest me more. Mostly the scrapper's 5 skill. Its like I could be Thor is awesome lol. Spellbreaker has a mix of both tooo... tell me do I have to have a shield to do the spell beraker counter? Such a tough decision lol

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