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Hi Sarge,

We seek members of all time zone and all servers. Currently we are on SoSWe are a PvE guild and very casual, Very Friendly and Active. We have also made this guild Male/Female friendly and welcoming to LGBTQ members.We do not have a rep requirement, but we do require the use of discord.We also have our own PvP custom arena for members to use.Active in both Guild chat and Discord

The main issue in our guild is real life comes first, the game comes second and we will be here waiting on your return.Our main focus is guild missions to open up the guild hall and get to level 69 as soon as possible.Also we are focusing on doing fractal and fractal training to get you up to tier four's. Guild missions are on the weekends and fractal are on weekdays.We also have nights to help you with content to get you through the expansions or core game.

We are a tight group but will to accept more and keep it as close to a family style group as possible.

[sOUL] is a casual guild on the NA servers. Located in the Central/Eastern time zone.I and the Founders have chosen to be selective on age, but all ages will be considered. We choose by ones' maturity and filling out theapplication completely will give us the tools to use as insight into the Soul of those who apply.Join us and you will never be left behind in the dust. We will be there for you, but we can't help if you don't let us know what you need, and the best way is to join us on discord.

We want to get to know you and we look forward to seeing you in game with us.Visit our website: http://psr.shivtr.com/ Please fill out the application. It will be processed quickly.Join the [sOUL] Experience!!!:

Arestella.6238 (Admin/Founder)WolfieBlitz.9583 (Guild Leader/Recruiter)

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Hello Sarge,I also recently returned for being away from this game for a long time. I started out in Guild Wars and played for 7 years as though it was my religion. I moved to Guild Wars 2 during beta and launch, but it just never felt like Guild Wars to me. I tried the game several time since then, but never stuck around. Finally, I gave the game one more shot, and I found my home. I have been apart of Nexus War Legion since its birth in January of this year, and the group of people that I have met made this game so exciting. I'm telling you this story because your story is the same as many others in our guild. Many others that had life take over, and gaming became second fiddle.

We have returning players, newbies, and veterans. We are a PvE focused guild, and enjoy all aspects of it. We have some people that are starting to gear up towards doing Raids, but that is way further down the line. We do weekly Guild Missions, dailies, Bosses, Meta Events from Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire.

We welcome all players because every player that joins has their own experience to give.

Everyone else is going to say they do this and that, and that they offer things that other guilds cannot.

All I know is that coming back to Guild Wars 2 has been the greatest this time around because of the Guild that I joined and the people in it

So enough rambling about my new family.

Please contact me here or in-game at: King of Pinky.2156You can also contact:Erkendal.2956Regnus.6149Darkwinter.9563Revmaru.5037 (Guild Leader)

I hope to here from you soon.


PS: You are more than welcome to join our Discord https://discord.gg/ZQUhyre. We are attempting Guild Missions tonight at 9pm EST.

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@Sarge.3084 said:Haven't played in a while so looking to learn again playing elementalist starting from scratch since i didn't have much to begin with.

Hi Sergeant my name is Darth Ryoma and my guild is known as the (CIS) Confederacy of Independent Systemswhat we do is:RIBA Silverwastes FarmFractelsWorld vs Worldand lastly Bounty Hunter Trains in the crystal desert areasif you wish to contact me for a guild invite contact me via this post or in game on Stormbluff Isle a NA WvW server make sure you use /whisper to let me know so i don't miss it!Thanks a lot for listening

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