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Can I have just a little request for our beloved Composer?

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The newly released version of this song is mindblowing (I mean Fear not this Night 2018 version). The vocals- both main and background are really awesome. But the whole music in it is great.

I know we got a lot from Maclaine Diemer and I think creating such piece of music in 2 months proves how good is GW2 composer, that can agree with the community, is able to share with his vocals, even though he thinks it's not great, but it is. He is so freaking humble.

So can we get the instrumental version of this song? In-game? At least on Soundcloud?

I've always known that this Composer is special, and Maclaine's Diemer music like for example Shadow of the Dragon, or the one in Kormir's temple music pieces (with duduk, if I'm not mistaken) and all those soundtracks just really made me buy PoF expansion.

When I first entered the beta while we could check some part of the first map, what was important to me was the music, and when I listened to the peaceful ones, and then I entered the combat against the enemies I was like: "I need to buy it as soon as possible", because it reached to my heart.

And then when this expansion was released and I heard the music from other maps, you have no idea how many times I'd been repeating one piece in like Elon Riverlands or Desert Highlands- the Highlands Kraal, Veins of the Dragon, Tomb of Primeval Kings, and especially Sanctuary of Truth...

I was so happy I could just support ANet, and when I payed my money I dedicated it to the Composers.

So I am just looking forward to Episode 3 tracks and so on. :)

Keep up the good work, and remember we (at least I) care. :) <3

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