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Please fix some of the raid bugs

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from what i can tell they take forever to fix anything in raiding and its frustrating. I keep buging out on VG and i also bug out on the wing 2 first boss were i cant see were to run. I also know that wing 1 boss 2 buges out in a few ways like cant breack wall or sometimes the boss will be stuck in the eartheater phase and cant do anything to him. its soo bad for me right now that i cant run raids anymore and get the armor i want. untill this stuff is fixed i cant do raiding.

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The Gorse one is particularly annoying. I know most people's response would be "oh you shouldn;t be getting egged", but the bug is there and it's frustrating. Stopping to ress someone for example, and getting caught by an egg only to remain in it for the rest of the fight is super frustrating.

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