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... can be a little difficult at the moment, especially during the core times. Here are a few hints to make your life a little easier:

  • the Stronghold of Ebonhawke is a rather remote yet useful base for characters (logout location). It offers access to banks, TP and all crafting stations which are never contested. Easy to reach from Divinity's Reach via the Asura Gate at the Rurikton disctrict. It is usually low populated. The major cities, especially Lion's Arch, are horribly crowded at the moment. If you struggle with login at your base, maybe relocate to Ebonhawke until the server issues are setteled.
  • park your characters on different maps in different regions. Especially LS3 maps seem to be very underpopulated at the moment, which allow an easier login.
  • do not forget about guesting. It is an old feature of former times, but it still works. Go to login screen, server selection, pick a server with low population, guest and try to log a character while guesting. You are only limited with two guesting servers per day, but it should be enough. This does not remove the automated megaserver, but it can influence it a little. It may require several tries, but there are good chances to get your locked characters free.
  • keep an eye on your guildchats and keep the communication going. If someone is in a map which is about to be closed or seems rather underpopulated, get them in party and try to travel to that map. Party still offers a higher chance to land on the same instance as your 'friend.'

Hope that helps a few of you. Good luck and enjoy the expansion!

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