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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'm glad it is only optional. Did not want to log this evening, but now I am curious what is in the list ^^.
  2. If there is no problem. Where do all the threads come from? And why did the support advise to write one?
  3. If support advises you to open a thread here, things are a little different. They know their own official documents and the rules they have to follow. In addition, every of these threads is a threat to the game's reputation. The forums are visible to the entire internet, without restrictions - at least that part we use (except for national barriers). So the big question for me is, why would they advise something that could contribute to lower sales-income? The only thing I can imagine is something like a topic-count requirement. For example, we do our next ban-wave once the pile of compla
  4. ANet is not our enemy - at least no mine. What they do is not life-threatening, it is just not very community-friendly. But it should be clear and it should be consistent where they publish their information. I do not want to check the official forums, Twitter, FB, reddit ... etc. to get it. One source. Preferably the forums, as it is owned by them and they have outsourced some of the support-features here as well.
  5. Branded Griffon (evasion), Chak (goo), The bandit leaders from the Long Arm of Light quest and the Legendary Bandit Executioner. Too fast, way too strong and they spam conditions and CC like maniacs. The executioners can stomp players. I'd rather fight the Ley Anomaly in the Dzasha Uplands, any Legendary Djinn or Legendary Hydra instead of these NPCs.
  6. If they would treat every of their accounts with the same level of dedication, we would not have this discussion. When it comes to community-communication, they have preferences and the forums on the lower ranks. Especially when there are urgent matters, like server issues or even major threats like a rollback.
  7. One of the more common requests is a monk-class that uses martial arts or even fist weapons. While the Will Bender of EoD gets really close with its virtues and utility/elite-skills, we still have the problem with the weapons. A while ago, in another thread I pondered about solving another request without forcing the developers to create something completely new. I think it is very unlikely that they are going to introduce a new weapon-type to GW2, else they would have done it in the past 9 years ^^. So I have taken a look at the animations of most classes and had a funny idea: Why not in
  8. The highest prestige you can achieve is getting an NPC named after you. Siegemaster Dulfy in the Urban Battlegrounds Fractal, probably the fractal-boss most players know. The second highest I consider is when the developers listen to you and grant your wish/suggestion. Stuff from discontinued and non-replayable content is a bit weird. If you happened to play during that certain time-period, lucky you. But I would not consider those achievements of prestige.
  9. Currently working on project that kind of fits to this request. The idea is to offer easy builds to players who basically have never touched a MMORPG before. As they are bound to RL responsibilities and fixed schedules, training like a maniac in front of a golem, as well as watching hours of guides and tutorials is completely out of the question. The builds should come with an above-average self-sustain and a below-average requirement of reflexes. To add a little more challenge, the gear should be easy to acquire. The builds should be intuitive to play, with almost no knowledge required.
  10. I'm old-fashioned and usually try to figure out the class of the player that stands in front of me by looking at their armor and weapons they carry. Skills and class-icons are for the final check, but I always try to guess it. Especially with the gemstore pieces and infusions, this became quite challenging over the years. But it is still entertaining for me. The bank-wardrobe has such a system already. Not with a drop-down menue, but you can select the armor-type and then browse only for skins of that type. With the mobile wardrobe, there is no real use for this, as you can only use t
  11. Two ideas: https://i.imgur.com/F84N6qz.jpg The left one is more of a heavy protected welder, while the right one is more of a tinkerer. LEFT: Twisted Watchwork Shoulders (the thing no one uses), Forgeman Jacket (Sorrows Embrace), Sutdded Gloves (core), Studded Pants (core), Carapace Boots (Silver Wastes) RIGHT: Drover Shoulders (Charr Cultural T1), Heart of Koda (Honor of the Waves), Inquest Bracers (Crucible of Eternity), Studded Pants (core), Inquest Boots (Crucible of Eternity)
  12. It reads worse than it is ^^. I'm at 15 characters after 9+ years, which is rather weak. I know veterans with half the years who have their 3rd or even 5th account in the making. Most of the characters I own are geared and combat-ready. But the ones I rarely use have sub-functionalities, such as gatherers or chest campers. Some have crafting professions leveled up to 500. I usually have a group of 4, which I use more frequently. The others carry stuff. If I decide to use one of the other characters, I have to swap roles. A carrier becomes active, an active char becomes a carrier.
  13. We are looking at characters level 2-78. Bloodbound Weapons are in my opinion the better choice. They are only rare (yellow) instead of exotic (orange), but you can select the stats upon acquisition and you can change them with a small MF recipe. You can have MH, OH, 2H weapons and even underwater-weapons. For those of you who think about the weekly level 10 story, free BL key. You can gear a character with the bloodbound weapon and ignore every other gear. Even if you are not familiar with the mechanics, you will get the entire thing done without ever getting killed once. Normally, rar
  14. I think the biggest problem of EoD are the sky-high expectations of GW1. Cantha has to look exactly the same as in GW1, it has to feel exactly the same as 15 years ago. Fifteen years, let that sink in for a moment. That is not possible, sorry. Do the experiment yourselves. Look at photos of yourself, 15 years ago.
  15. The requested visual effect would be a bit much, but a small indicator somewhere around the skill bar would be nice. Something like the current CC tutorial function, skills that can cause combos get a colored aura on their icons, depending on the field you are standing in.
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