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  1. I would like to see some changes with the inevitable traitlines of each profession, the ones you need for almost every build. They will balance/nerf them sooner or later, as those trait-lines are going to overpower the new Elite Specializations quickly. But if they fix them as they normally do, the core professions will suffer heavily and the Elite Specializations become 'slightly' weaker. The problem is predictable, but it looks like they will accept those 'mandatory' traitlines and not alter them until EoD. On the other hand, we have a couple of more or less broken/useless weapon
  2. Would like to have one or two days ruined instead of several days or even weeks. Instead I would be interested in a priory-team discovering a method to restore Tome of the Five True Gods, revealing one further letter of Bubble's true name per week.
  3. Scrapper's elite mechanic is the function gyro, which only works with downed players. It has a few nice side-effects by now, but the mechanic and the idea behind it is rendered useless for that week.
  4. Same problem level 8 LP. What I have noticed, which seems rather odd: - Arena is fully restored although I have not unlocked even tier 1, Waypoint unlocked, but no NPCs - Workshop Tier 1 got its scribe-station relocated to another desk, no NPCs - Tavern Tier 1 lost all its NPCs - Gathering Nodes vanished - Further Exloration Upgrade not executed, but visually present - Guildportal not unlocked, but visually present - Mine is completely closed as in pre-capture state, no NPCs obviously Very strange :S
  5. Sending such a survey to any forum user is some kind of an overkill. Of all the players, we are the ones who already talk in public about our thoughts and ideas regarding current and future content. A regular survey has its limits. You can ask plenty of questions, but in order to get it done in time, many have to be multiple choice or rating-questions. In the end someone creates a few line & bar-graphs showing tendencies. With a survey you can only get an idea of the situation. Regarding the criticism on the forum-polls. Yes, most of them are biased and lead nowhe
  6. While building up my guildhall, I ran into a rather interesting bug regarding the decoration-feature: Normally the Guild-Arena is a special zone where no regular decorations work. If you dare to try it, you are blocked by a massive barrier of invisible walls and inside you receive only error-messages. However, during my tests, I have noticed that this no-decoration-zone is not very high. What does that mean? If you manage to create a layer of decoration above that zone, you are free to decorate with normal non-arena objects as you please. You can use fountains, SAB deco
  7. As no one seems to join in, I am going to continue with the more controversial stats. power & ferocity conundrum As a basic rule for power-damage builds, you always prefer power over ferocity. There are two reasons for this 1.) power enhances base-damage and critical-hit damage 2.) ferocity only enhances critical-hit damage In my first post, I have already mentioned the goal of reaching 100 % Critical Hit Chance. So when every hit is a critical hit, ferocity should be the better choice? Not exactly. It is not that simple. There is a so-called break-even-poi
  8. Especially the Airship Oil and the Ley Line Sparks pile up. There exist two recipes that can help getting rid of those, but they are not that good: Fulgurite 1x Obsidian Shard 1x Bottle of Airship Oil 1x Pile of Auric Dust (Tarir) 1x Ley Line Spark Fulgurite can be sold to NPC vendors for 80c. Shards should not be a problem. Still have to craft them, but you should get ~ 2 gold per stack of Fulgurite. Ley-Line Infused Tool 1x Charged Quartz Crystal 1x Ley Line Spark 50x Pile of Bloodstone Dust 2x Orichalcum Ingot Require
  9. For perfectly optimized builds, just stick to the meta. If you think about crafting your own builds, here are a few hints: precision & critical hit rate The ultimate goal is to get as close to 100 % as technically possible. In groups, you can have access to multiple buffs that enhance your precision/crit-rate like: - Fury (+ 20 %) - Spotter (+ 100 Precision) - Banner of Discipline (+ 100 Precision) - Food (+ 100 Precision) 21 Precision = 1 % Critical Hit Rate. So 300 Precision can result in ~14.3 %. Together with fury, you end up with 34.3
  10. 1.) TP/Gemstore fix/update/rework 2.) More UI customization options 3.) Special Action Key rework
  11. I was never a huge fan of it. It brought out the worst of our class and lead to a lot of unnecessary nerfs for Core Engineer. The traitlines basically say YOU GO PHOTONFORGE OR NOT TOUCH THIS SPECIALIZATION - while every other elite-specialization in the game has passives in the traitline that support alternative approaches. Especially with the Engineer profession, which is the most flexible in the entire game, this was a slap in the face with a sledgehammer. I was so angry. After a few months I decided to take a real look at the Holosmith and got frustrated right again. The sword
  12. Stuff that can be done when Wintersday is not going on: LW 3 & LW4 Dailies In terms of effort/result, they give the most. It is a daily rotation of one map per season. Each map has 3-4 daily tasks. Each task results in 3x chests. One of those chests contains 1x Sip of Liquid Karma worth 1,500 karma. So completing one daily task results in 4,500 karma. Completing all four of a single map results in 18,000 karma. Complete all four on both maps, you end up with 36,000 Karma. LW5/IBS Dailies They also give Sips of Liquid Karma, but only one per completed task
  13. This is basically the problem with ~ 2/3 of all Engineer related threads on the forums. Either outdated information or rushed through wiki-entries that lead to wild assumptions of how our class works, what we are capable of and what appears to be massively overpowered. The phenomenon itself is funny, even entertaining for us. You can quickly spot if the poster can be taken seriously or not. The issue I have with those posts & threads comes from the developers of the balance team. They may take these wrong assumptions as rational reasons for future balance-patches. S
  14. An armor-combination that does not look like fire in general, but can be dyed that way is this: https://i.imgur.com/n9TIZR9.jpg (adding pictures to posts is still disabled, we can only post links. We can however link Twitter stuff, if you have pictures in a tweet, those will be displayed. But that is more than a horrible idea.) The armor is a mix of Bounty Hunter Armor (Chest + Tassets) and Twilight Arbor Armor (gloves, shoulders and boots). Bounty Hunter is one of the most difficult armor-skins to acquire, so you can also try with a full Twilight Arbor set.
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