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  1. Due to how you patch this game, the festivals with a (Weekly) achievement end up a bit messy. Lunar Year is a good example. Weekly reset is on Monday, patch-day is Tuesday afternoon. Which means if someone wants to get that last weekly done, they need to speedclear an weekly achievment in < two days. Given that those days are Monday and Tuesday, where a lot of people cannot play freely as long as they want - due to work/school/study. That is why I would like to request to let those Festivals finish on Sunday evenings instead. Extending the duration of the festival by ~ 1 week. That way it is more realistic to get the final Weekly tasks done. As far as I am aware of, you can make the end of the event a fixed date without a patch at all. So technically, it is not a problem. PS: I know nobody forces me to get these achievements done. I just find it a little confusing to complete a weekly in < two days XD.
  2. That is the most suspicious looking picture link I have seen on the board yet. But on the other hand, we cannot post pictures directly here. /shrug @ topic: If it really is an armor made of pieces and not yet another outfit, yes pls. Jester or clown dress is definitely missing in the game.
  3. Our entire squad just crashed during the Fraenir of Jormag strike mission. Right after the 2nd invulnerability phase, when it casted its half-room aoe. On our second try, we had no crash. But this is definitely not a hardware/software/driver issue of a single person. Please take a look at it.
  4. Engineer - Automated Medical Response: After the shield changes, this was overdue. The old trait was not very useful to begin with. Regeneration on heal-toolbelt sounds good in theory. But the usefulness depends on the boonduration and the cooldown of the trait. Even if you mess it up, a lot of people probably are going to switch from Overshield. - Mecha Legs: I am 95 % certain who gave you that idea. Not a very good one. Not the first time. What are your plans with the other classes passive speed enhancements? - Bunker Down: Turret Engineer gets a buff. lol - Mechanical Genius: Does this change apply to all game-modes? You may have to split the recharge penalty for each game-mode in the long term. Guardian - "Feel My Wrath!": This looks disturbing. I guess Guardian will get more sources of Superspeed in the near future. - Redemption & Glacial Heart: Yep. Guardian is about to become the next Scrapper. This is very disturbing. You will not allow both classes to have the same abilities. So you are going to remove them from Scrapper in favor of your beloved Guardian. I'm not surprised, we have reached the peak with Scrapper a few weeks ago and I am constantly waiting for the massive nerf-hammer (pun intended) to end our perfect run. The problem for me is, that you always used a nuke to balance us, when we became 'too strong'. It always ended in the total destruction of the spec. Rendering us weaker than common NPCs. Do you really want to go that path again?
  5. The most annoying bugs should be fixed. The stuff that keeps annoying us over and over for years now. More Reward Tracks, more accessibility to PvE rewards. The way it worked in the past. Where you could unlock collection weapon-sets with those Reward Tracks or unlock emotes and mounst-skins. An option to reduce the effect-clutter significantly - in order to reduce computer/performance based lagg. As far as I remember, ANet does not sell hardware. Which means there is no rational/financial reason for them to push the limits as far as possible. The opposite should be the case. The more people can play the game, the more money they will earn from game-sales and ingame purchases. That is a massive issue in both PvE and WvW. A strict rule for Quickness/Alacrity/Superspeed distribution across the classes. Some continuity instead of adding and removing the buffs every quarter. Edge of the Mists - do something with it. Make Revive Orbs work in WvW. Does not work in camp/tower/keep. With a similar timer as for auto-waypointing, but getting revived instead. Would boost the sales of the orbs = more cash. Downed penalty also reduces vitality, toughness and moving-speed. While a player has the revealed effect, they cannot get ooc.
  6. First look, I'd say Inquest Shoes. The preview on the Wiki is a bit missleading. If you use the skin [&Cu8CAAA=] and use red dyes on all channels, you get pretty close to your picture.
  7. I know that feature from Lineage II. Enchantment increases damage/power of the weapons. In GW2 it would boost the stats it comes with artificially. It defies the concept of non vertical progression and would ruin the theme of legendary gear as the best gear in the game. The system had its bright side, as you manage do reach the 'goal' multiple ways. If you enchanted a low-grade weapon high enough, you could reach the same or even better stats than a top-grade weapon. But in GW2 this is pointless. Exotic gear is way too close to ascended gear and there is no difference in stats between ascended and legendary gear. Exotic gear is cheap in GW2! The costs to enchant a green or blue weapon high enough to rival exotic gear would be hilarious. If you have trouble acquiring exotic and ascended gear, we can help you. No need to ruin the system.
  8. When I post something on the General Discussions board, I am totally aware that a lot of people will not see it. Especially the WvW and sPvP sub-communitites mostly operate in their own sub-boards. Instanced Content, same. How do I get to this twisted assumption? A few of you pointed out to me that sPvP and WvW were missing and you have got Thank You and Upvotes for that. But if I look at the number of complaints and the number of reactions ... they are slightly the same. If the real sub-communities would have seen this poll, those reactions would have been 20-50 at least. From those who reacted to the complaints, there are always a few players not directly involved, solidarizing with the left-outs. To get a better shot, I should run polls in the specific sub-boards. I know the WvW board has a very dedicated user, Xenesis, who frequently runs polls to catch the mood and preferences of their sub-community. So there is no need for me to run a separate poll there. From my personal experience over the past years, I consider the sPvP and the Instanced sections 'difficult'. We have tried a couple of times, we just do not get along well. I know too little about sPvP to make a poll that can be useful to someone. For Instanced I have the knowledge, but a lot of haters. Besides, they rely on Wingman data. Which is totally acceptable. Now why did I make this poll? Definitely not to show ANet a mirror and force them to create more content of a certain type. They have real data for this. They know which content is highly frequented and which is only played for achievements - if at all. But we do not have that data. Currently, we are in a content draught. Next content comes up at the end of February (?), which is most likely the same salami-tactics as with IBS. But instead of Drizzelwood Coast, it is Inner Nayos and instead of DRMs we have Convergences. Slightly modified for half a year or even longer. So people are bored. Especially those who have started recently and have finished the story-line by now or finished an expansion/dlc, ponder about how to proceed. The poll shows where people go to have fun and what people prefer to do to have fun. It does not represent the ingame-community in any way. But it gives people an idea, a hint where to look. This is the 2nd post in this topic where I just have to explain my actions. Originally I planned to write a few paragraphs about my own preferences as well. By debating the purpose of the poll, we derail it. Which may lead to it getting locked or even deleted. And some people would even be happy about it. This is why I reduced my forum activities to the absolute minimum. The topic itself often becomes a negligibility. Sadly. Thanks to everyone who participated so far!
  9. - I've just updated the poll with sPvP and WvW options for the other two questions that go into the same direction. About the other limitations: Achievement hunters, mini collectors, fashion wars, ... duelists in WvW are also a separate group of specialists, as well as the whole GvG sub-community, ... RP is not a single section as well, they have sub-genres ... we have the racing-content ... the instanced content section is also something that should be split into all sub-sections: Dungeons, Fractals, Raids ... on a second thought, the raids should be separated into their wings ... etc. etc. etc. We can make this poll extremely complex, addressing every single sub-content and sub-community. What is the perfect size? I do not know. I have drawn a line where I thought most of the content was covered. The idea was to have a detailed, but not too complex poll to give people struggling with the content a nice overview. I've seen the complaints and added extra options for sPvP and WvW. I know I have missed a lot of sub-groups and I am sorry about it. You are free to make a new poll. The polls on this forum have limits with options. Which means you have to skip categories anyway. Thanks a lot for the feedback and everyone for participating so far!
  10. Greetings, three interesting questions: 1.) Which content has the highest replay-value to you? 2.) Which is your preferred content-type for the above selection(s)? 3.) What is important for you in Guildwars 2 in general? Everything is multiple-choice and anonymous. But please feel free to specify your preferences and talk about why these things are important to you. While the focus is on the long-term players, everyone is welcome to participate and share their experiences. In the end, this poll may help others to find their place. Write as detailed as you prefer. Ranting about things you do not like is also allowed. Just do not overdo it please ;). Thank you for your time and participation!
  11. Another month has passed, time for the next bump. We are currently at ~ 180 members = still plenty of free space. The most common reasons people join are still: - gathering nodes (tier 3) - leveling a scribe - WvW In addition all (useful) vendors are unlocked as well as all available mount-rentals. 100 % privacy, our members do not talk with each others. No responsibilities, no community, no discord. The guild-chat is a giant waypoint-link list, with all relevant locations for endgame. If there are any questions, just ask me. EU or NA does not matter.
  12. EU Thornwatch forgot it, sry ^^ Wednesday Evening more balanced WvW Guild selected, but it is a PvE guild where we just do WvW for fun once a week no alliance there was always at least one commander around + our hidden tag both weeks were equally fun most exciting for me was the variety of allies and enemies. The communication was also great, given most of us have rarely/never played together. Make the events more frequently. Like every two months.
  13. Please forward that complaint straight to https://snowcrows.com/, https://discretize.eu/ and https://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki. They define the meta. They decide which skills are worth to pick. And you decide to play those builds. There do exist alternatives to the meta. Wingman data is not a reliable source of information and only shows data of a certain fraction of the community: people who know Wingman exists and use it. There are a lot of people in the game who know about the tool but have never dared to touch it. And there are even more players who have never even heard of it. So every 'fact' you claim by the data of Wingman is basically a wild guess like everything else on this board. Why are you the only person to complain about this problem? The answer is rather simple. The current top-benchmark according to ... snowcrows is condi druid with 43,831 DPS. The fact that this benchmark is exact by 1 point should already make the target-audience pondering. Anyway, join a random group and you will be quite surprised that all non-support DPS roles are not exclusively filled by condi durid. Due to the class diversion we have and people playing classes they like and not the pure-meta, you usually get your share of CC covered. Some classes provide more, some less. And if it doesn't work out? You can always switch a skill from your build temporarily. As far as I remember, the meta-defining communities offer CC variants to their builds, for the case of a greater need of it.
  14. This is quite a reasonable request. We do lack armor-skins where the Charr tail is covered/changed. In this specific case, the answer is not very good. Regarding skin design/development, the resources cannot be used elsewhere. Same way you cannot send a car-mechanic to a hospital doing a brain-surgery.
  15. The problem cannot be solved easily and GW3 is unlikely to address this situation. The way games are made has changed indeed. But also has the target-audience and their taste. The current youth and modern generations of (MMO)RPG players are used to different monetizing models and different design concepts. What looks odd and questionable to us, is normal for them. One example here is the acceptance of microtransactions and DLC. I loved Castlevania SotN, which is a massive game + the inverted castle & bonus bosses. I grew up buying a game where this is included in the price. The current generation of young players would never dare to expect this. They know this is DLC and they are fine paying for it. We do not. If we get charged extra for stuff that used to be included in the sales-price, we get mad. A lot of the things that were guaranteed audience-magnets in old games barely attract a few old players nowadays. The majority of the target audiences (= young people) has totally different preferences than we do. That is why we feel disconnected and ignored by the publishers and developers. Is GW2 going down? I cannot say. From my personal understanding of what makes a good game, we had our best years in the past. But I am at the end of my thirties. My opinion matters less and less. If the current design fits to the current target-audience, that is what matters. That is the only thing that really matters, because a wide target-audience is a guarantee for a high income. The company wants to make good games, but they want to earn money and create something that sells well. That is their highest priority. Satisfying a few old players, rather not. Is there hope for us? Yes. In the entertainment and game industries, they know about us digital natives - who grew up with the tech. We are still a wide target-audience and opposite to the youngsters, we actually have money ^^. The market for older players already exists. But I think there will be entries of games in the near future, which focus more on attracting us than the young ones. Because there is potential for these games and lots of cash to collect.
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