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[Suggestion] UI Functionality and Feature

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I would really like to see the Gem Store delivery method changed and enhanced so that it features the option of returning items for refund. In addition, I would like to see NPC vendors give you the option of returning an item for refund even if it is a time limited of 2 hours.

I will give you an example used in SWTOR. EA/BW may have messed up a lot in that game, but the flexible UI, Cartel Market (Gem Store) functionality and the combat log to txt file were far better from the player perspective.

  1. Essentially their equivalent to the Gem Store was a separate UI. Similar to the current Gem Store icon, players clicked on the Cartel Market icon and it opened up the store UI. If you clicked on an item to purchase, it went to the "Gem Store" delivery box and you had the option to review the purchases prior to clicking on Take All. If you fail clicked or changed your mind, you could click on a Return button and have your "Gems" returned to you immediately. However, once you clicked Take All you had no way of returning the item. Essentially the Gems were spent and Customer Service would not help you. So it functioned similar to how the Trading Post functions in the UI Delivery area yet it allowed you to return the items for refund prior to taking them from the Delivery Box.

  2. The GTN, SWTOR's version of the TP, delivered purchased items to in-game mail which I personally would prefer. Return functionality is not needed because players can simply resell the unwanted item. So it functioned in reverse of the Gem Store/TP in this game.

  3. Add a Return functionality to NPC vendors in-game. In SWTOR, when we used an in-game currency, we had up to 2 hours to return the item to the same vendor for full refund before it became bound to the account/character and non-refundable.

  4. Add the ability to trade loot e.g. ascended drops in Fractals/raids with ONLY group-members for a limited time. In SWTOR we had upto 2 hours to trade a loot drop with members of a party or raid team only. For example, in this game we get ascended armor or weapon drops from various activities in-game. I would like to be able to trade that Ascended armor box to another player in the party/squad for up to 2 hours as long as they remain in the party/squad. Once that ascended armor box has been opened then item is permanently account bound. This stems from me already being geared; yet I help a lot of people learn fractals so when I get an ascended drop, I feel like crap because I am there to help a new person gear. That said, I would like to give them the drop but the current set-up doesn't allow for this. The biggest challenge for this idea in this game is that there is no player to player trade functionality but it can work.

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