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When are you going to update the PvP features in progess?


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The last one was done in February the 20th 2018, we are now half way through May. I've edited the features that have already been done.

From the sticky;

Leagues:Matchmaking Enhancements – Enhancements Live on Ranked for Season 10We will continue to monitor and tweak as needed.

Automated TournamentsSwiss Style TournamentsIncreased Tournament CapacitySpecial TournamentsOn Demand Tournaments

Maps:Fixing Broken Nav Mesh (Invalid path to target.)Asura Arena 2v2Unnamed 2v2New Desert-themed Conquest MapSkyhammer Map Adjustments - DONEFoefire Map AdjustmentsLord Changes Live as of 2/6

Rewards:Obsidian Weapon SetGroup 1 released (12/12)PvP Armor Set 2.5Tournament First Place GizmosReleased monthly until we have 12 unique items

Quality of Life:Team health Bars – DONE 1/9Standard Friendly Models

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