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Thief Build after patch


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Hello dear thief community

I'm writing here hoping for help. I've played the Deadeye thief with a rifle so far. I found it pleasant and varied to play compared to the other specializations. Since the basic playing style has changed, I am currently struggling with the new playing style. For me marking and then waiting for the right moment was the be-all and end-all for my desired playing style.

This way of playing has become difficult to play now. I read a lot of input here in the forum about the new way of playing. Now to my question. Could someone show me a build that is still effective with the rifle? Is the rifle outnumbered by the P/P or S/D at the moment? If this is the case, I would also be happy about a build for P/P.

I play WvW and PvE equally.

I am happy about every build and every help.

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You can still play it in a similar style for both of those modes, except for WVW I'd probably take BQOBD instead of M7 for the time being. You still find a lot of use from Silent Scope once you get used to timing your shots before dodging, without breaking stealth (takes a bit of practice).For PVE, if it's open world nonsense, you can play anything/doesn't matter, never has.

For PVE end content like T4/CM/Raids, frankly, I am going to have to be blunt here... I'd just come as Daredevil (Power or Condi) or a different power class, like Holo or DH or Weaver or... anything really.Deadeye is in a very bad spot at the moment. It was before due to lack pierce (only kneeled #2 does), so cleaving mobs was reliant on Sword, but with the change to Malice, Sword is kinda... not so good anymore. Then you have single target DPS, which was affected the most; your DPS is comparable to what Reaper was before it was fixed. Yes, even Reaper out DPSes Rifle Deadeye now and by a lot (around 4.5-5K DPS).

So yeah... like Ghostt.1293 said...I'd wait until anet gets their shit together.

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