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Tooltip error: Chain Lightning

Noodle Ant.1605

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Staff Air AA (#1): Chain LightningHit multiple foes with arcs of chain lightning.Damage: 266 (0.66)Number of Bounces: 3Range: 1,200(in-game, wiki and other GW2 related tools)

Chain Lightning only bounces two times (hits a max. of 3 targets, tested in PvP lobby). Also indirectly confirmed on wiki by stating that it will hit the first target twice but not the second if two targets are present. The third hit also does ~%10 less dmg, as stated by the wiki (bounce 2, also tested in PvP lobby) and isn’t clarified by current tooltip.

Is this just a tooltip error? Being quite an old skill, I’m surprised that neither the skill nor the tooltip hasn’t been fixed yet.

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