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Are there any EU guilds for players over 50?


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Heya. I'm a returning player, over 50 years of age and wondering if there are any EU guilds out there that have other older players like me. I've played solo for some time and would like to find a group of people to enjoy more of the game with. Thanks :)

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Yes indeed Chomsky! :) My small guild consists of players with an age range of 40 - 50+ on the Gandara EU server.

We are called Boots Roots Paws and Claws [bRPC] and are pretty laid-back and drama-free. You'll not find us stressing if someone dies in combat; we think individuals should be free to gear-up as they please, and to play any game mode they enjoy.

[bRPC] has deliberately not chosen to expand by admitting "all-comers" because we prefer to welcome a mix of like-minded Tyrians, who value cameraderie over becoming an anonymous number.

Rules are few - just the common sense basics of being courteous to fellow guildies, and respecting the fact that real-life comes first.

If you would like to ask any questions, without obligation, then please feel free to contact me either here, or in game. Thanks for reading.

Kind regards,

Annie (aka Taffy Catt.2784 - guild leader)

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