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How do I have so much crit chance?

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Hi, trying to understand gearing up at 80, and based on the wiki, I should be at only 4% crit chance with 1000 precision -- no gear -- but in-game the Hero Panel is telling me I've got 38% chance.

Screenshot: Screen%20Shot%202018-05-16%20at%201.02.3

Am I misunderstanding about crit %, is the Hero Panel incorrect, or the wiki? Also, is there are reason to want over 100% crit chance?

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Ah, yes, looks like Brutal Momentum might be what caused the extra crit. Totally missed it because it’s part of renegade.

I was thinking of aiming for only 37% crit, letting Brutal Momentum and Roiling Mists get me up to 100%. Seems like Renegade can have really high fury uptime, so it seems best to spend my stats elsewhere.

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