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  1. I think the new Illusion of Sitting is a great new addition. 3 ways to "sit" on things or nothings. Skills 4 and 5 are locked out. My suggestion for one of these slots is to have the meditation hovering, like what Rhan does in Sandswept Isles. Please. Pretty please?
  2. Yep still bugged. I've done it in under 6 mins twice today. Original achievement was completed at time of first release. Six More Minutes does not complete on re-release achievements.
  3. I think you'd be a long time completing your list if you can only do 1 hour per day. Maybe just play the game to enjoy it. As for my example. I'll be a 10-year "veteran" in November, with just over 10,000 hours game play, in which I took a year out to play other games. I'd class myself as casual. So here's what I've achieved in those 10k hours: I have 36.9k achievement points. 139 unlocked titles. Mastery Level 455. PvP rank Dragon, WvW rank 515. 16 legendary weapons plus a Kralkatorrik version skin, 2 legendary back items, 2 legendary accessories, and legendary amulet. 9 characters, one of each profession, max level and kitted out in ascended/legendary. All have 100% core Tyria exploration. plus 2 or 3 characters that I deleted that also had 100% Tyria completed. 6 of those characters have 100% full map completion, including LS maps, expansion maps. All crafting professions maxed out. Plus some QoL account stuffs. I recently deleted a character to remake them in a different race. I boosted to 80 and moved the ascended items over. I decided to time how long it took to go from 0 to 100: To map complete everything, with small amounts of AFK-ing, do all of the story from core Tyria upto EoD finale, took 97hrs. So, I've done quite a bit as you can see, hopefully this post can give you some perspective and to just log in and enjoy the game. The rest will come as you play. Set reasonable goals that you want to do. The best way to start is to get to grips with one profession. Level up, do the story and map completion as you level. Tidy up when you're at 80. Get into exotic armour. Start the expansions stories and map completions. You'll accumulate materials and wealth along the way, to build ascended/legendaries.
  4. Same here, defended and captured a few things, achievement doesn't progress. Aurora Glade (EU) - Thornwatch WvW.
  5. It looks like Winter's Heart infusion, possibly stacked with Snow Diamond infusion.
  6. Yes, living world and expansion content is all level 80 content. Alts can travel to the maps using teleports bought/earned by their first level 80 to do said content.
  7. You have to finish the "Adventure Guide: Volume (insert number)" meta achievement in order to unlock the next volumes achievements.
  8. My experience is completely different, I (a "vet" on my 11th or 12th 100% run) was doing map exploration on my fresh new level 80 in all of the low-level zones over the last two weeks, and I pulled a bunch of mobs for renown hearts and let low level (1-2 people on the 3-4 hearts across all sub-30 maps) get their hits before I nuked the mob. Absolutely nothing came of it. No snide whispers, or other vets "condemning me". Just block and move on. Some people get outraged for no reason.
  9. I checked my followers list and decided to block someone who did hasn't logged in for who knows how long. I blocked, they were removed from my follower list. I unblocked, they did not return to my follower list. I'm assuming, that if you have added an account to block, they will have been automatically removed from your follower list already, since it seems that the block overrides the follow.
  10. Use tankier stats (Soldiers for power, Dire for condition damage), if still finding it hard on a core build, try WvW with those tankier stats follow a Zerg commander, try Edge of The Mists, or go solo camp/sentry flipping, and you'll be able to earn and spend Testimonies to purchase those pesky Hero Points via Notarized Scrolls of Maguuma, Desert, and Jade. Sometimes you'll find a Hero Point Train running in HoT and PoF maps, although less likely in PoF maps as they're easier than HoT, keep an eye out for these on the LFG, under the correct header for the zone.
  11. You could always sell the fragment and still be able to buy the Precursor selection box, no matter when you sold the fragment, hence the "Once this item has been acquired, it can be safely sold or discarded" text on it. It was always intended to be an account bound precursor if purchased with the Fragment of Prismatic Light. You can always craft the legendary and sell that.
  12. Handy dandy spreadsheet for all: General Open World Benchmarks for making Gold
  13. The infusion drop is tradable, as long as you don't open the Glob that drops from Dragon's End meta. It's the Glob that drops, not the infusion itself.
  14. I like the skin, but I AM NOT paying the same price as Mount Skins for something I barely see. 350-400 gems, sure, I could see as reasonable. Similar screen time as mail carriers, I can understand that. But, SEVENTEEN POUNDS for something that has less screen time than said mail carriers. Nope. No. Absolutely not. Predatory. 100%.
  15. Bugged for me, no eligibility buff even appears for me. Edit: Tried today, my 3rd or 4th run, no eligibility buff appeared but got the achievement. I didn't do anything different than the previous runs.
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