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The Problem with Nearly Completed and Set Collections

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Most collections that require sets of achievements to complete don't require doing them all. However Shadow of a Shadow requires every one including Realm-Portal Spiker. This is a problem since Shadow of a Shadow being nearly completed is practically a lie considering one of its requirements has such a long term goal. Even The Shatterer doesn't require you to do them all.

These set achievements should not appear in Nearly Completed at all since they can potentially make the feature worthless if they fill the slots.

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You bring up a good point about meta achievements. Due to their very nature, they are more time consuming, and more difficult, to acquire than regular PvE achievements. Plus, there is no way to directly advance the meta achievement itself outside of completing another achievement.

I think that not displaying meta achievements in the nearly completed section is a pretty good idea, and hopefully its something that Anet can implement (but IDK if they can exclude individual achievements from that section). Or, short of that, giving us the ability to "hide" achievements from the nearly completed section until we manually change that decision at some later date

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