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Worst matchmaking I've ever seen.

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More or less, you have 2 points here. It's true that people wanna climb the easiest/quickest way, but that's also due to seasons being short. Thus people wanna get their highest rank the quickest way in a short amount of time.

On the other side,you have players who'd be ready to have opponent auto conceiding because of rewards farming. I clearly remember in Guild Wars 1 when someone told me " You're red, you resign, it's the rule " . Unfortunately, you won't change players behaviour here. Old games are full of syncers with multi accounts or cheaters who would do anything to get max rewards/day..

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@"AngelLovesFredrik.6741" said:

@"Sampson.2403" said:Maybe this will help. Here's the thing. Your opponents are JUST AS LIKELY to have afkers, bad players, throwers, ragers as your team. The deck is not stacked against you. Over the course of a season, you will have benefited just as much as you have suffered from everything that you're complaining about. It all balances out.While I get what you're saying as well as operating under the assumption that you're indeed "knocking on the door to legendary" you should know that it doesn't balance out.

While you may win a game because of an afk as often as you lose because of one, you lose substantially more rating. You need to maintain ~ 3:1 winrate to push to and stay in legend.

For sure it sucks to lose more than you win but that's an expected sympton of the intended system.

Broken? No. Could it be improved? Sure

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