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Spellbreaker weapon combo suggestions.


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Hello warrior community, returning player here. Last night I fully unlocked spellbreaker and made the switch from core. Loving full counter so far. Sustain feels better even after dropping the defense trait line for it, for me at least.

Anyways. I will be running mace mh for the counter and daze as well as axe off hand for the big aoe dmg. I am currently using gs as my secondary because of the big damage and the gap closer/ unroot. Was looking to experiment with another set.

Was wondering if I could get an opinion on how each of these would perform in a fractal/boss type setting. I know open world is going to be different and much more flexible. Gs has great damage but is clunky and I hate the 100blades root mechanic. I feel like too many times I can't finish it because I have to dodge. Would any of these combos outperform gs or be a better option ?

So far, here's what's on the table.





And of course what I'm currently using, Mace/axe + Gs

Thanks again.

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I currently use either of these two set ups:Mace/Axe + Axe/Dagger (sub in a Shield for Dagger if you want more CC for break bars)Axe/Axe + GS (sub in a Shield for Axe if you want more CC for break bars)

I find them to perform about the same, but each give a different feel while playing. I tend to use the first one mostly, because I am not a fan of the 100 blades rooting me in place.

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