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Game freezing constantly

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Hoping to find some help here, my game is freeing quite frequently lately. I play allot of PvP and it will freeze as a match is about to begin, when I click on the gem store, or moving around. I have not found anything that will consistently trigger the lock up. When it does I must power down my system to get out of the crashed game. I have sent a few reports to Anet when the game asks. This is very annoying in PvP because you will get dishonor and lose PIP.

One thing new that has started to happen, that never did in the past, is when my game launches after log in GW2 will minimize down where I can see my desktop and then come back up when I reach the character selection screen. It will then again minimize down and come back up when loading into the pvp lobby or launching into a pvp map. Any ideas on this???

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The game still locks up and this is getting frustrating because when it happens during pvp play I need to shut down to unlock the computer. Even when I return to the PvP match AND WE WIN............it gives me dishonor. I went from PLAT to Gold last pvp season because of this happening.

I have updated all drivers.W10 is updated (i should have stayed with MAC)I even took the OC off my PC, its at stock now.

System: Ryzen 1600, Asus GTX1070ti, 16 gb 3200mhz ram

Any ideas?

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