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Engi: MDF doesn't proc with all self-sources of healing

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The trait MDF (Medical Dispersion Field) in the Inventions trait line states: "A percentage of healing you apply to yourself is shared with nearby allies. "

However, this is not the complete case for all self healing skills/traits. I did a full inspection on most sources of self-healing and posted it in the Engi sub-forum: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/40632/mdf-what-works-and-what-doesnt#latest

Basically the following items do NOT seem to proc MDF no matter the situation:

  • Healing Turret: Overcharge aka Cleansing Burst
  • Medic Gyro pulse heal(Scrapper healing skill, Medic Gyro's "Reconstruction" skill, aka "Gyro Heal" on the skill info )
  • Backpack regenerator (Alchemy Trait)
  • Heat Therapy (Holo Trait)
  • Self application of the Regeneration boon

Test setup:

  1. Go into the golem training instance in the Aerodrome with a friend.
  2. Equip only the Inventions trait line and select "MDF"
  3. Turn on pulsing damage to allow both you and your friend to take damage.
  4. For each 5 traits/skills that don't work, equip them one at a time to test. As in, test for the Healing Turret Overcharge and then reset so as to assure there isn't any overlapping.
  5. Go through each skill/trait and note that none of the 5 listed proc MDF via the in-game log. Ensure that you and your friend are about half health to ensure that overheal doesn't occur which will prevent MDF from proc'ing in full.

Other requested info:Date, time, and time zone the bug occurred-

  • This bug has been around for a while. It is constant bug that doesn't have moments where it does work. Tested in PvP, PvE, and WvW. MDF never works with the 5 items above.

Name of map you're on-

  • Occurs in all maps.

Your character name, level, race, and profession-

  • Sharak Iskar, level 80, Charr, Engineer(all elite variants). I have tested this on another character engi and the bug still occurs.

Whether you are in a group-

  • This bug has happened when I am in a group and when I am not in a group.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help with this bug. If there are reasons that the above traits/skills are not supposed to work with MDF, it should be clearly defined in the game.

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