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sPvP - power mirage shatter


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In the ffa arena i was humbled by a dude who kept landing his gs2->jaunt->shatter->mind stab burst on me like crazy.

Any good power mirage pvpers wanna share some tips on how to land it or other variations of it?

Im super quick with the burst i just have trouble getting the surprise off n landing it. I think my gs2 is too much of a tell and maybe i can switch up the timing and or replace the gs2 with some other clone generator.

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for the power shater all you realy do is use greatsword 4 and 2 wait a sec to get the might then your choice of blink or jaunt and use f1 its prity mindles to do but its geting the keys maped to the point that you do it in like 2 sec and its boring right now becouse its not chalenging at all.

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(Precast Mantra of Pain for Might stacks)The Prestige > Weapon swap > Phantasmal Berserker(optimal) > Mirror Blade > Blink next to the target > Diversion > Jaunt = Mind Wrack = Power Spike > Mind Stab

Should be the best combo right now if I'm not mistaken. There isn't many tips to how to land it, just practice it a lot and you'll get used to it. Confounding Suggestions turns your daze into a stun every 15 seconds so using Diversion will make the rest of the rotation a lot easier.

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