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Embrace Core


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I've mained thief since 5yrs now, always loved the class. Only made other classes for completion sake, but 95% of my game time is on thief.

Durimg HoT, I had fallen in love with DD d/p, had also come to master the build I used and loved it, even though now I see the three dodges were quite a crutch that are hard to play without once you get used to them.

As soon as PoF came out I found another new true love in the deadeye. So much so that switching back to daredevil for a change felt wierd.

I had a full zerk build with scholars. Didn't run the cheese SA build and camp stealth for a massive DJ though. I ran DA/TR/DE with revealed training and BqObK for big burst at start.

Since changes, I find the class now too clunky to play. Everything now seems like an exercise in annoyance as everything revolves around getting full malice for a big dmg dump. Pre patch I did most of my dmg even before I was at full malice.

Daredevil already plays with endurance as a mechanic so I'm struggling to come to terms as to why they put one of the main deadeye mechanics on a system that deadeye isn't innately fluid in. The whole process seems very counter intuitive.

I feel they created a perfect ambush class and then decided to remove the ambush element from it thus destroying it's identity entirely.

I've now decided to dump both especs. I'm currently using core acro/trickery/da s/d with a mix of marauders and zerk. And I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with the results. The sheer amount of fluidity this build offers is off the scale and I find it even more fluid than using dash on DD.

Sorry for long rant.

Tldr; don't forget our core lines. Some of them in combination still offer some amazing gameplay in all game modes.

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