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recently discconects

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Yes it's a common issue for some players, see this thread: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/28354/storyline-disconnects/p2

Performing these fixes (all 7 of them) fixed the problem for me:

  1. Updated directx
  2. Updated graphics card drivers
  3. Ran a repair scan of GW2
  4. Ran this line in admin command prompt: netsh winsock reset
  5. Added -clientport 443 to the GW2 command line
  6. Switched to "windowed fullscreen" rather than fullscreen
  7. Edited my Windows host file with the following line: assetcdn.102.arenanetworks.com assetcdn.103.arenanetworks.com
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@Elden Arnaas.4870 said:If it happens during major story chapters, shutting down your PC and restarting right before doing that part of the story should help.

indeed it happened a few times during the storey and very fusterting because the paticaler storey mission was fairly long and it kicked me not once but 3 times hasn't happened since so figers crossed

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