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How do I "Show the coin to Sayida the Sly?"

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I defeated Koss and have moved on to "Convincing the Corsair." I am supposed to "Show the coin to Sayida" but there is nothing in my inventory and there is a really, really long awkward silence after I tell Sayida she's not going to sell my bounty.I have watched 3 YouTube videos about showing the coin (it just happens after about 2 seconds and then move on with the story) and I have watched 3 videos on the previous story (Champion's Dawn) to see if I missed anything. (AyinMaiden's videos included)

Any directions would be appreciated.

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A prompt flashes across the screen that says "Show Sayida the coin," or similar words. And then nothing happens. Exactly like uploaded videos except my story doesn't continue. My "Hero Story" says I battled Koss and got the coin.

I guess I will have to write it up as a bug, but it's weird it only affects me. Thanks for commenting.

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