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Disconections 24/7

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I just got a dced with rollback in Hearth of Thorns map (not story mission). Lost my loot from a large cargo box and lost the progress of waypoints I got in said map. Never experience this either. I got disconnected to login screen and then was set back at 1st waypoint (start of said zone). Internet on my end seems fine, perhaps something acting up on some game server?

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@"Hugedeal.5426" said:Getting dced from the game every one minute, and i mean literraly exactly every one minute, i cannot stay on the game at all, anyone havin the same issue, it was normal yesterday and the days before, this is the first time it happens to me... help ?

For what little it is worth, I'm not. My advice would be to start by eliminating network problems, so that you can better push ANet to investigate. While the name is terrible, https://www.pingplotter.com/fix-your-network is a good guide to how to do that. (It covers finding out if anything on the path from you to the server is the problem.)

@Aaralyna.3104 said:I just got a dced with rollback in Hearth of Thorns map (not story mission).

That sounds very much like an instance server crash. If it is what the OP is experiencing, which I kind of doubt, that'd definitely have attention from ANet. I'm pretty sure way more people would notice if the instances were crashing every minute though.

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