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The guild "Héros Légendaires" [HL] opens his Lost Precipice to everybody ! [EU]

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Hi everybody,

The guild "Héros Légendaires" [HL] opens its guild hall in the Lost Precipice to anyone who wants it (EU server). Whether you are a beginner, a simple explorer, a lone wolf in search of a refuge, or just want to enjoy the benefits that this hall can offer without any obligation, you are welcome !


  • The only rules are the calm and respect.

This family guild is not intended to become active or to offer any services, informations or activities. It offers only a free access to a decorated and still evolving Lost Precipice. I have build and decorate this guild hall almost alone and being frequently the only one connected, I find it sad not to share it with other players. There are many decorated areas to visit and originality to discover.

If you want an access, contact me directly by mail in-game.

Thanks for reading my post and have a nice day.

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Thank you! And for those also wondering, I'm able to enter the guild hall just fine. 🙂

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Hey there!Just curious if you have access to the nodes for the Shimmering Crystals?I have a small guild that loves the Auric Basin GH but most of us prefer the Shimmering Weapons and are looking for a guild to join who will let us join mostly to see the other guild hall and get the crystals?I was wondering if you would be cool with a group of people joining for that reason?If so, are you on NA servers?

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