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Lost 2 placement matches in a row to same player deliberately throwing


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@Thais.4639 said:

@"Bandlero.6312" said:tldr; Your placement matches matter the most. In-fact, your placement matches might be the only matches that matter. That's why in the leaderboards you can see people with rating 1400 at 20 wins and 10 losses and people with rating 1700 with 20 wins and 10 losses. What's the difference? The rating 1700 players won more placement matches. This is why placement matches have become so rife with manipulation and trading.

Every ranked online game which uses MMR that I'm aware of does this with placement. Your placement matches are by FAR the most important ones you will play if you care about your rank - in fact with a strict 50% winrate after placement, your rank should barely fluctuate all season. (if you don't care about rank, then the farm aspect of Ranked PvP suggests that you want to drive your rank down as far as possible to make the pip farm easier).

Last season I started late and only had one or two placement matches with blatant manipulators. So far this season every single one has had match manipulators (sometimes my team, sometimes enemy). It sucks nine ways from Sunday, because my rank and my skill are only tenuously connected. At this point I'm only playing ranked for rewards - I can have more fun and get better matches in Unranked usually.

Bah, save the watch (lifts his arm up for air as the room is overflowing with BS).

  1. Placement games don't matter. If you get unlucky and lose a lot during placement and are truly placed at a rank lower than your skill level then by the end of the season your MMR will have corrected itself and you'll be at where you belong. There is no arguing this, its a str8t up fact, and your failing to see this.

Still not convinced? Try flipping the angle then - If you get lucky and win all your games during placement, that luck will run out and by the end of the season you'll drop to the SAME MMR that you would have climbed to from an unlucky placement.

The end result is the same regardless of placement matches.

  1. Every single one of your placement matches did not have match manipulation, its all in your head.

  2. This style of thinking is what's keeping you and a lot of other people from climbing rank/improving their game in general. There's a reason that you're not improving in rank. Its the same reason i hit a wall in rank or the top 10 players hit a wall in climbing rank.

What you need to do is analyze your game and see whats preventing you from climbing to the next tier. Once you address this correcrly you will climb and hit another wall and you will need to play more n play smarter to climb past that wall. Rinse n repeat.

Here's the thing though, if you're convinced that the reason that you're losing games is because your team sucks, the systems broken and your constantly unlucky, then you will fail to ever have the self awareness that's required to self assess, improve and climb.

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