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[Shop] Bug with additional bank space

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In the shop it says I can buy 3 more additional bank spaces - though I already have the max amount of additional spaces (14). I thought you extended the available space, but when I bought one, the item now is unusable in my inventory and when trying to use it a red error pops up that says that I already have the maximum. I submitted a ticket to get the item removed and a refund of the 600 gems.

So could you please remove the possibility to buy it if one already has the maximum? Or make the item giftable, I'd be happy to give it to someone who actually can use it.

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@Dante.1763 said:

@SlippyCheeze.5483 said:You should submit a ticket to support, who will refund you for this.

OP did and they mention this, i did as well. But i have to wonder how much it would cost to make it so it would just..lock you out of buying it if you reached max?

Oh, shoot, so they did. I missed that when I read the post. Sorry for the redundant advice.

I have no idea on cost, but ... in general, if an obvious thing isn't done by developers, it is because there is some annoying hidden difficulty in doing it. Just a rule of thumb, of course, and I'd definitely like it fixed at the source. :)

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