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[FaZe] FaZe Clan is recruiting (HLcontent/Trickshot/360 noscope guild)


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Hello everyoneWith the latest patch and deadeye's rise in power with its very difficult rotation, my man Ravier and I decided to start the guilde FaZe Clan on Guild Wars 2.

Our goal is quite simple: we just wanna show every other spec how impotent they are compared to our 720° no scop across the map into killcam.

Here are the prerequisites:-You must have a deadeye with a riffle;-You have to know how to quickly turn your camera to make proper 720/1080;-You must hate DH and their Longbow;-We will make you go through a trial.

In this trial, Ravier and I will rate you depending on your elegance, your skin (-10pts if you have a charrzooka) and your technique.

On the long term, we are willing to raid with 10 deadeye: we would basically 360° on each boss until it surrends.VG? 360 on it.Sabetha? 720 on it.Xera? Xera..?Dhuum CM? 1080 on it.

If you wanna get recruited, mail Rahveiz.7461 or Fifwayte.1067

Here is a video edited by the best editor I know in which you can see what we expect from you, the futur best trickshoter in Guild Wars 2.

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