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AVOID: NVIDIA GeForce Experience


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Actions taken for more smoother Guildwars 2:

  1. Updated NVIDIA and selected "Fresh install / Do not automatically optimise new games"
  2. Copied 32bit and 64bit GW2.exe (renamed GW2.exe to GW2_x86 first) to another location (actually another partitioned drive)
  3. Deleted old GW2 folder in old location
  4. Ran GW2-x86.exe (which will create GW2_x86-64.exe ....)
  5. Shortcuts created for:
    "X:\somepath\GuildWars 2\Gw2_x86.exe" -diag"X:\somepath\GuildWars 2\Gw2_x86-64.exe" -diag

    (because you never know)

  6. Told NVIDIA no I don't want shadowplay
  7. Did not tell NVIDA my current location of this GW2
  8. Altered video settings in game
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