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[NA][PvE] Nexus Legends[Core] - Casual/Social, Fractals, GMs, Raids/Statics, 40+ Online Regularly


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Hello there. Our guild/community is welcoming those interested in raiding, fractals, guild missions, and/or general PvE content. We organize endgame activities while maintaining a more casual environment for the rest of our members. We are not uptight about constant participation or representation, although we prefer players to not be invisible from the community the whole time.

We also have a few people who group for PvP/WvW.

Time - Before you read all the other stuff, make sure your schedule aligns with our primetime. Guild events and activities take place overwhelmingly in the afternoon to midnight window (NA Timezones). Most raids begin at an hour past daily reset. Most members are online starting from around 4pm EST (when we get off work) to a few hours past midnight.

Discord is not a requirement if you won't be raiding. It will be required if you choose to raid, but speaking is optional. Listening is what counts.We have plugins within our discord server which allow you to see your in game information, such as raid bosses killed for the week, character list, and a ton more things I probably don't even know about. It's pretty useful.

Active Members - Our guild often has a lot of people online, especially around and during daily reset. At least 50 members are online during this primetime, so you can always have someone to talk to or play with. Some may say that that many people will just drown out each individual voice, but in reality it just widens opportunities to meet new people with common interests, and you can never be alone.

Our Training - We love to train inexperienced or completely new players in raiding. We have many players who have dedicated themselves to lead and teach beginners or semi-exp in new wings and bosses. If you are an experienced raider and would be interested in leading training runs, we welcome you too!

Our Statics - Our statics select players based on an original point-based system. We've set up a survey that interested people fill out, specifying experience with each boss/wing and available roles. This information is translated into a number, and the higher it is, the more likely you will be selected for the static. Different statics will have different thresholds.

Spontaneous Runs - Sometimes, when a group of people are feeling the itch, they gather sometime during the week in an unscheduled run. They decide amongst themselves what they want to do.

Fractals - These are run throughout the week, as well as some CMs.

Guild Missions - These are run once a week for anyone who wants to gain guild commendations. There are a few guild-exclusive rewards out there that one may want. (Hero Banners! YEEET)

Community - We have a lot of kind, funny, and memey people within our community. Many are eager to help beginners and contribute to the enjoyment of everyone. We do not have a set age requirement, but it is safe to say we are all above 18, or mature enough to be considered that in spirit. We have people from Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and Michigan. We also have fun with some guild events from time to time, like a treasure hunt within our guild hall, or a maze where the winner gets a price at the end.

We are adult oriented for the most part. People have jobs, college, families, and quaggan tonics. We understand if you can't play sometimes due to life events.

Our guild does events from time to time, such as guild hall Treasure Hunts, Races, and Jumping Puzzles. We have recently been planning an event with three Legendary Weapons as prizes.

Thank you for your time. If interested, feel free to join our discord and ask for an invite there: discord.gg/PreGPDXOr PM me your account info.

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