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Possible Bug with Warrior Axe Eviscerate Leap Distance

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I've been playing with warrior more and using axe a lot, I've noticed the range on the skill seems very short, shorter than I remember it being, and how it stops dead like it hits a wall instead of having a nice fluid follow through like a lot of other leaps do. I took the video in WvW and compared Eviscerate with Aura Slicer, the dagger 2 ability on Spellbreaker which states is has the same range. My character is a human male, level 80 warrior. https://streamable.com/k8lur

Both skills range indicator goes away at the same distance and both skills hit a static target from that distance, but Aura Slicer leap animation is nearly 3x the distance as Eviscerate and also doesn't have a hard stop in the leap like Eviscerate does.

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