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IU bug since last update

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Since the August 28 update, it happens that part of the IU crashes.This concerns on-the-fly displays of text or number information directly on the screen.

  • Damage delivered or received
  • Care delivered or received
  • Informative texts that appear in the center of the screen (events, squad announcements, etc.)
  • EXP earned.

Example when it work :1ij0N27.jpg

What i see in fight (i do damage, and received heal) :rH2JdqB.jpg

I encountered this problem on two different characters and in two different situations.And, I can't remember if it's a ground or something, but no more text or numbers appear on the screen afterwards. Restarting the game is the only alternative.

The only thing I think I can be similar to is that I engage in mount fighting.

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All repair procedures, etc. have been done.I try to reproduce the bug by having what captures the video but so far, not had the bug. I've only had it twice since the update, it's either totally accidental or very rare.

Possible if not that the fact that I just deleted all the temporary files etc fixed the so-called "bug".

I just wanted to post it to see if others have experienced the same thing or not, which will give a good indication whether it is local or not.

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