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Request to devs for new key-binds


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Hello all,

Here are some QoL key-binds that I believe we need added to our beloved game:

  1. We need a hotkey to open the traits panel directly. This will save thousands of clicks per day across all users. Currently, one must first open the Hero panel and then click the traits option.

  2. We need the have separate commands for all the functions of the "Press F to Interact" action. Having rez, pickup bundle, interact with object, and stomp all on one keybind can be very frustrating in common circumstances.

  3. We need a command to cancel an action. Stow weapons is not the same thing. Esc works, but has other functions such as a popup menu.

  4. We need a command to unselect a target. Mouse clicking works, but can lead to selecting another target. Esc works, but the key has other functions such as a popup menu.

Requests 3 and 4 could be addressed by having an option to disable the popup menu for Esc.

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