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Mouse bug

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Hello,I am having a mouse issue in Guild Wars 2 only, I only go to WvW so not sure if it happens somewhere else.Anyway the bug is, sometimes the left click/right click will not work, and sometimes while holding the right click and trying to turn by clicking the left click (even if I clicked it 100times) it will not work, and sometimes while holding he left click it will not hold and remove targets, and sometimes the right click will have the same issue as the left click =/

I did try in other games no issue, as well as on the desktop, not even once did my mouse fail, and I know that this doesn't hit many players but I am sure there are few who experienced or still experiencing this, it makes the game unplayable. Its not the first time it happens, it happened before several months as well but then got fixed ( this time it happened like three weeks ago)

Please look into this thank you =)

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