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Base Damage Benchmarks [Seeking Assistance]

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First, I'd like to preface this by saying that I'm not a hardcore raider or min/maxer by any stretch. However, I am curious as to what certain DPS benchmark numbers "should" be for a given class or build.When I build for general PvE/mixed content, I usually go for damage stats on my gear and a build that focuses mostly on damage and self-sustain that is also fun to play. Open world and solo content in general is not particularly taxing and the easiest way to clear it is usually to just throw as much damage at it as you can in as short a time as possible. Of course it helps to have a few utilities to break bars and stuns as well.

Taking the above into account, I'd like to think that my builds for the most part are at least approaching the low end of "good" DPS, not actually good, but viable at least.

This is where I would like to seek a bit of expert opinion. I see damage numbers for raids paraded around on the forums from time to time, a decent benchmark seems to be 30k+ DPS. Now I assume that these are taken directly from the damage golem, which is a large stationary target so the damage is optimal and not necessarily reflective of what one might be doing in other areas of PvE beyond stacking perfect rotations on a stationary boss, but it does at least show the potential of a "best case" scenario.I am aware that the buffs (both boons and profession) make a huge difference to these numbers. A character that does 2.5k DPS completely solo will do 12k DPS with all boons and profession buffs. I can only then assume that on top of that using good food and having exactly the right build with a perfect rotation does the rest.

This leads me in the longest most roundabout way to my question. What would be considered a "normal" DPS for a totally self-sustained un-buffed, no food character? What would be ideal for all buffs only (from the training golem console)? Finally (and this one is a bit subjective) what is the minimum (self-buffed+food) DPS to be viable for high end content before adding any support from other players i.e. what's the minimum one should be bringing to the table themselves?

Please keep in mind that this is coming from the point of view of someone wanting to PUG or perhaps run with less experienced friends or guildmates where pinpoint coordination isn't always a given.

tl;dr - Explain building for good DPS to me.

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@"Remus Darkblight.1673" said:tl;dr - Explain building for good DPS to me.

Just go on the training golem and use the "standard" boons and combat enhancements. 25 Might, Fury, Quickness, Spotter, Alacrity, etc. You won't always get these (with perfect uptime) but they give you a standard setup to test your builds and have an immediate comparison with the meta ones.

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